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J&J First Big Pharma Company To Add Prices To Television Product Ads

Johnson & Johnson became the first company to add pricing information on pharmaceutical products being advertised on television. The anticoagulant Xarelto will soon have a list price and out-of-pocket cost in commercials.

Public Health February 9, 2019

Snapchat Six-Second Ads Are Here, And You Can't Skip Them

The new type of advertisements that the company hinted about last month is now live on Snapchat. Unlike its predecessors, users can't skip the six-second ads.

Business Tech May 15, 2018

Expanded YouTube Partner Program Holds Off On Revenue-Making Ads Until 10,000 Views

YouTube is holding off money-making advertisements on videos until the 10,000 views mark is reached. The company is continuously working on ways to protect creators and advertisers.

Internet April 7, 2017

Twitter To Boost Advertising Sales With Video: Report

A report said that Twitter plans to increase its advertising sales with video. If it holds true, then the microblogging site will soon go head-to-head with YouTube and Facebook on the video front.

Business Tech May 3, 2016

YouTube To Roll Out 6-Second 'Bumper' Ads You Can't Skip

YouTube has announced it is rolling out its 6-second ads that viewers can't skip, dubbed Bumper ads. Google says these 6-second ads are deemed "haikus of video ads."

Apps/Software April 28, 2016

New Ford SE Ad Features Original Metal Gear Solid Snake Voice Actor

Fans of the previous 'Metal Gear Solid' titles, David Hayter is back to voice Solid Snake in an all-new ‘Metal Gear Solid’ commercial ad. The commercials feature characters from the game to advertise Ford's Fusion SE and Fusion Titanium.

FUTURE TECH April 11, 2016

Twitter VIP Users Enjoy An Almost Ad-Free Twitterverse: Report

A Re/code report revealed that a handful of users were shown a reduced number of advertisements, and for some none at all, while they use Twitter. What is the reason behind such a move by Twitter?

Internet January 26, 2016

U.S. Doctors Call For Ban On Prescription Drug, Medical Device Ads Targeted To Consumers

The American Medical Association is pushing to have direct-to-consumer advertising featuring prescription drugs and medical devices to be banned in the United States. The group believes this practice only contributes to a rise in drug costs and pushes patients to opt for inappropriate treatments.

Life November 21, 2015

Nvidia Shield Ad Has Guy Playing Video Games While Falling From 10,000 Feet

Pulling off a haduken in 'Street Fighter' is much more difficult when falling from an airplane.

Internet Culture November 17, 2015

Virtual Reality Is Still New But Facebook Is Already Putting Ads In 360-Degree Videos

Facebook has already started hosting 360-degree video content on its site, including 360-degree video ads. A few of the video ads which are already running include those from Samsung, AT&T and more.

Internet November 13, 2015

Facebook Wants You To Stop Googling And Start Using In-App Keyword Search Engine

Facebook is testing out an in-app keyword search engine to make it easier for users to look for specific links and pages that they can post in their status updates.

Apps/Software May 11, 2015

Toyota Tries To Generate Buzz For Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Mirai With 'Fueled By BullSh*t' Campaign [Video]

Toyota's 3-minute "Fueled by Bullsh*t" advertisement looks to address the negative perception on hydrogen fuel cell technology as initiated by Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk.

FUTURE TECH April 23, 2015

YouTube Ad-Free Subscription Plans: Here's What We Know So Far

YouTube may release a subscription service for advertisement-free videos within the year. The price of the subscription, however, has not yet been set.

Business April 9, 2015

'Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice' - We Suspect The First Trailer Might Show Up At The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is here, and we reckon Warner Bros. will not want this precious moment to pass without giving the world a peek at what to expect from 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.'

Movies/TV Shows January 31, 2015

$750,000: What Snapchat Disappearing Ads Will Cost Brands per Day

Snapchat is reportedly asking for three-quarters of a million dollars for top brands to post ephemeral advertisements on its platform, but not a lot of advertisers are happy about the price.

Business January 20, 2015

Don't Play with Mousetraps but This Ping-pong Balls Pepsi Ad is Awesomeness to the Max [Video]

A room full of mousetraps and ping-pong balls is a beautiful thing indeed. Pepsi Max's chain reaction commercial is pure poetry in motion.

Movies/TV Shows January 9, 2015

Ford F-150 Ad Brings Durability to Fore. Toughness Over Fuel Economy

Ford is preparing to unleash a television commercial for its new F-150. Slated to begin airing on Wednesday, the ad will highlight the truck's aluminum body, which is credited for the vehicle's fuel-economy improvement.

FUTURE TECH January 1, 2015

Sony Yanks PlayStation Vita Commercial After Sexism Outcry

Sony has quickly pulled an ad promoting the PlayStation Vita after it was accused of being sexist. The accusations come at the height of controversy surrounding sexism in the gaming industry.

Video Games November 24, 2014

This video of spice bag explosions will be the best thing you see today

Filmmaker Chris Cairns, composer MJ Cole and pyrotechnic designer Paul Mann collaborated to blow up tons of spices in slow motion for a new commercial for the Schwartz product Flavour Shots,

Internet Culture October 14, 2014

Snapchat launches news services and ads

The popular vanishing message app, Snapchat, will debut new features in an attempt to have a steady stream of revenue. Snapchat Discovery will feature ads, TV and movie clips and news stories to its estimated 27 million users.

Internet Culture August 20, 2014

Samsung's new Galaxy S5 ad highlights Ultra Power Saving Mode: Another crack at the iPhone 5S?

Good ole Samsung has no plans to give Apple any breathing room, as the latest advertisement shows how the Galaxy S5's battery is capable of lasting for up to seven days.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech July 23, 2014

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