Dojo Is An Intelligent Rock That Keeps Your Smart Home Devices Safe From Hackers


Israeli startup Dojo-Labs has launched a wise rock, dubbed Dojo, which claims to shield your smart home gadgets against malevolent attacks.

This new gadget which works in tandem with a compatible app rocks the capability to inform you whenever a hacker tries to gain access to your Internet of Things.

“We all lock our front doors and yet our devices are wide open," explains Yossi Atias, Dojo-Labs' CEO and cofounder. "Our homes contain our most intimate data but the security of these things is an afterthought. We created Dojo as the first technology to help us safeguard our homes.”

Yossi adds that the device features the capacity to know whenever your TV is recording your voice even if it is switched off and when it uploads the information to the cloud.

The package incorporates a dock which is required to be connected to your router and a small pebble-shaped gadget you can carry throughout the house. Interestingly, when the device detects a threat, light rings on it glow. In the meantime, the Dojo mobile app will prompt you if it discovers possible intrusions and will ask you to permit or block an activity.

This product uses machine learning and proprietary algorithms, which it referred to as Dojo Intelligence. This makes it possible for the device to identify abnormal behavior and cyber threats.

Tech market researcher Gartner revealed that there are over four billion connected devices at the moment. It is anticipated that the figure will reach six billion by 2016. The FBI previously cautioned that the expansion of Wi-Fi-enabled things, such as smart locks and baby monitors, makes it much simpler for hackers to gain illegal access on these devices.

Dojo is already available for preorder via Amazon Launchpad. It is priced at $99 and packed with a 12-month service. Dojo-Labs guarantees to commence shipping in early 2016. Upon its release in early March, it will have a retail price of $199 which comes with a 12-month service.

Meanwhile, Gadi Amit and his team at NewDealDesign developed Dojo's approach to security.

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