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Google Hacked By Own Employee: Vulnerability Found In Supposedly Secure Doors Of Sunnyvale Campus

The supposedly secure key card-enabled doors of Google's Sunnyvale campus were hacked. Fortunately, it was a Google employee with no ill intentions, but it again raises concerns over Internet of Things security.

Google September 4, 2018

Engineers Develop 3D-Printed Objects That Connect To Wi-Fi And Don’t Even Need Power

Researchers were able to create 3D-printed objects that can transmit Wi-Fi signals. Oh, and these objects don’t even need power or any kind of electronics to communicate.

Gadgets December 6, 2017

Smart Sex Toy Secretly Recorded Users’ Intimate Sessions, Claims It Was A Bug

Some users of the Lovense remote control app for connected sex toys have just discovered that it secretly recorded users while doing intimate activities. A representative for Lovense said it was merely a bug that caused the app to record.

Security November 11, 2017

A Firmware Update Just Bricked LockState Smart Locks, Leaving Some Stranded

About 500 smart locks from LockState were bricked because of a faulty software update, causing some upset and concern. The mishap might be seen as evidence that connected devices pose some serious risks.

Gadgets August 16, 2017

Malware Called BrickerBot Is Bricking Vulnerable IoT Devices, Rendering Them Completely Useless

A new kind of malware called BrickerBot is attacking Internet of Things devices again, this time rendering them completely useless and inoperable. Here’s what it does.

Security April 11, 2017

Company Bricks Guy’s Smart Garage Door After He Leaves A Bad Review

Garadget, a smart garage door opener, has been the talk of the internet. The company faced backlash for purposefully disabling a person’s IoT device as retaliation for a bad review.

Smart Home April 6, 2017

Data From Electronic Toys Leaked, Adds To List Of Hacker Vulnerable Devices

CloudPets join the ranks of toys targetted by hackers. Multiple toy hacking incidents add children's toys to the list of hacker-vulnerable devices along with medical devices and smart home appliances.

Security March 3, 2017

CloudPets Exposes Danger Of Internet-Connected Toys: What Can Parents Do To Keep Safe?

Security researcher Troy Hunt discovered that the internet-connected CloudPets presented a major security threat to parents and children. What can parents do to keep themselves and their children safe?

Security February 28, 2017

Nvidia Shield Now Available With A $200 Price Tag: Here's Where To Buy The Set-Top Box

The 2017 version of the Nvidia Shield TV has the same design and roughly similar technology as its previous iteration. There are, however, key differences that will appeal to consumers.

Gadgets January 16, 2017

How The Internet Of Things Is The Perfect Target For DDoS Attacks And Data Breaches

The Internet of Things offers many benefits in everyday life. However, it also serves as the perfect target for DDoS attacks and data breaches.

Security January 14, 2017

What's Ahead For The World Of Technology In 2017?

So many technological advancements are expected to hit the market in the coming year. Take a look at five of the most highly anticipated newsmakers of the tech industry in 2017.

December 31, 2016

Cybersecurity Experts Identify 3 Hacking Trends Of 2016

Hackers are choosing to use their skills to victimize and exploit. Take a look back at 2016 and find out which cybercrimes hackers utilized the most.

Computers December 30, 2016

Bluetooth 5 Has Arrived: 2 Times Faster, 4 Times More Range Than Bluetooth 4

Bluetooth 5 boasts a longer range, faster speed, and larger broadcast message capacity, among other features. Smartphones, wearables, and smart appliances sporting this technology are expected to arrive two to six months from now.

Gadgets December 8, 2016

Chinese Company Recalls Hacked DVRs, Webcams Used In Massive Dyn DDOS Attack

Hangzhou Xiongmai, a Chinese hardware company, has recalled many of its cameras and DVRs after they were implicated in the hack that took down several prominent websites on Friday. The hack is due to hackers taking advantage of weak default passwords in IoT devices.

Internet October 27, 2016

Qualcomm Snapdragon 600E And 410E Processors Debut With IoT In Mind: Embedded SoCs For Third-Party Distributors

Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 410E and 600E processors are joining the IoT party, ready to power a slew of smart IoT devices. The two chips will be the first standalone Snapdragon processors available to third-party distributors.

Gadgets September 28, 2016

Cisco To Let Go Of 5,500 Workers Amid Cost-Cutting, Shift Of Focus To Software

Cisco has announced plans to cut 5,500 employees, equivalent to 7 percent of the company's workforce, beginning this summer. The networking firm is looking to slash costs and will reinvest the savings into businesses that it expects to flourish.

Business Tech August 17, 2016

Lizard Squad DDoS Attacks Escalate: From Video Game Networks To Online Banks, Government Websites

The Lizard Squad, known for launching DDoS attacks on video game networks, is now targeting online banks and websites of government departments. The hacking group is utilizing the LizardStresser tool, in conjunction with compromised CCTVs and webcams.

Security July 4, 2016

Samsung To Pour $1.2 Million Into IoT Research And Startups In US

Samsung revealed its investment plans for the next four years, and it is something to behold. The company told the media about its plans to inject $1.2 billion into IoT-friendly U.S. startups and more.

Business Tech June 23, 2016

Atari Is No Longer Just About Video Games, Enters Internet Of Things Industry

Atari has unveiled a partnership with Internet of Things company Sigfox to enter the smart products business. The developments of new Atari-branded smart products will start within the year.

Smart Home June 1, 2016

Solar And Wind Energy In Single Device To Power 'Internet Of Things'

For the first time, researchers combined solar cell and nanogenerator technologies to convert solar and wind power into electricity and power the 'Internet of Things' when installed on real rooftops in huge numbers.

Energy May 28, 2016

Intel Diving Deeper Into IoT And Self-Driving Cars With Itseez Computer Vision Startup Acquisition

Intel continues its push toward a future-proof place in the market with the acquisition of Itseez, a computer vision and machine learning startup. The company is not at its first deal of the sort, but not everyone wins from it.

Car Tech May 27, 2016

Nest Diving Deeper Into IoT With Open-Source OpenThread Network Protocol

Nest recently took its code to GitHub and made it open-source for all interested developers to use. The move could mean that a lot of smart home devices will run on OpenThread, Nest’s commended network protocol.

Apps/Software May 12, 2016

Report: Garage Door Openers Are The Most Frequently-Used Smart Home Devices

According to a report, smart garage doors, locks and security cameras are the smart devices that are used most.

Smart Home May 11, 2016

Microsoft Acquires Solair To Up Its IoT Game: Here's The Deal

Microsoft acquires Italian company Solair in a move that would allow the latter’s technology to be folded into the growing Azure IoT ecosystem. Businesses in any industry can take advantage of using IoT for increased efficiency and profit opportunity.

Business Tech May 4, 2016

Samsung Introduces Personal Assistant Robot Otto: Should Alexa Be Worried?

Samsung unveiled its smart speaker/personal assistant named Otto, a prototype showcasing the company’s ARTIK IoT platform. The robot not only listens and speaks but also acts as a remote security system through the built-in HD camera.

Smart Home April 30, 2016

Batteries Not Needed: This Tiny Computer Runs On Radio Waves

A newly developed wireless computer can keep itself powered by collecting radio waves in the air and converting them into electricity. Researchers believe this new technology can lead to the creation of low-maintenance devices.

Computers April 29, 2016

Intel Looks At The Cloud And Internet Of Things For The Future

Intel turns to cloud, connectivity and Internet of Things as part of its core focus areas. The company seeks to realign for the future in an attempt to break away from its heavy reliance on PCs.

Business Tech April 29, 2016

Who's Willing To Share Personal Data For Money? A Lot Of People Will, A New Intel Security Survey Says

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the future of wireless networks, as smart home technology is growing in popularity among users. A majority of Intel Security survey respondents indicated they are willing to trade personal data collected from smart home technology for money.

FUTURE TECH April 12, 2016

Selfie Lovers, Celebrate! ROAM-e Is A Flying Selfie Stick That You Can Buy Now

The ROAM-e, a flying selfie stick, has finally been released by the IoT Group. It's a light, compact and easy-to-use drone and selfie stick hybrid that tethers to your smartphone and snaps pictures of you on-the-fly.

Gadgets April 1, 2016

Samsung Steps Up IoT Game With Internet Of Trousers: Get Smarts On The Wi-Fly

Samsung took the world by surprise with its latest Internet of Trousers wearable line. Among the highlight features, the smart pants can save you a lot of embarrassment by sending well-timed alerts about the status of your zipper.

Wearable Tech April 1, 2016

Kuvée Wants You To Drink Wine In Style: Meet The World's First Smart Wine Bottle

Kuvée rolled out the first smart wine bottle in the world. Cabernet or Merlot enthusiasts can use the device to keep wine fresh for 30 days, and Wi-Fi integration should be able to improve every dinner party.

Gadgets March 29, 2016

Samsung To Unveil New IoT Operating System In April

Samsung is gearing up to unveil a new real time operating system in April. The unnamed OS is crafted with ‘Internet of Things’ capabilities in mind, and could give the OEM an edge in the home appliances’ sector.

Apps/Software March 26, 2016

Ring Video Doorbell Pro Will Ship Late April: Advanced Motion Detection, Night Vision And Other Features

The startup Ring took the wraps off the Video Doorbell Pro, showcasing configurable motion-detection zones, 1080p camera resolution, 5 Ghz Wi-Fi on top of the 2.4 GHz and swappable faceplates, to name a few.

FUTURE TECH March 17, 2016

Bosch Joins Internet Of Things Race With New IoT Cloud Service

Bosch joins the cloud computing bandwagon by becoming a full service provider for connectivity and the Internet of Things. The company aims to have all of its electronics IoT- enabled through IoT Cloud by the year 2020.

FUTURE TECH March 11, 2016

Nissan Leaf App Disabled Over API Vulnerability That Allowed Hacking

Nissan removed its NissanConnect EV app after a security researcher showed that it was vulnerable to hacking. The app allowed Nissan Leaf owners to adjust the heating and cooling via a handset, but hackers could hijack it for other purposes.

Apps/Software February 25, 2016

Visa Dives Into The Internet Of Things: Your Next Credit Card Could Be Your Car

Visa announced that it is extending the Visa Ready program to the Internet Of Things industry. One sector involved is the automotive industry, and the company has unveiled a pair of concept apps that will have drivers using their car as a credit card.

Apps/Software February 23, 2016

Microsoft, Intel, Samsung, Other Tech Companies Form New IoT Alliance: Why This Is Good For Future Of Smart Homes

Big tech companies including Microsoft and Samsung have started working together to form Open Connectivity Foundation or OCF, a group that's out to set standards for Internet of Things devices.

Business February 20, 2016

Fast Forward To 2116: Earth Scrapers, 3D-Printed Food, Commercial Flights To Mars And More

A new SmartThings report predicted the existence of Earth scrapers, underwater cities, 3D-printed homes, and space colonies come year 2116. With the smart home revolution, these ideas are thought to be no longer a product of wild imagination.

FUTURE TECH February 16, 2016

US Intelligence Chief Lists Main Global Threats, Warns Of IoT As Tools For Spying On You

U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper released a report of the main global threats to the United States. Under the Cyber and Technology Category is the Internet of Things, as both hackers and the govenment can take advantage of connected devices.

FUTURE TECH February 10, 2016

Mozilla Announces The End Of Firefox OS Smartphone Support

Mozilla revealed that the development of its Firefox OS on smartphone will end after its version 2.6 release, and will instead focus on the IoT space.

Apps/Software February 4, 2016

Myth Busters, Harvard Edition: Harvard Study Makes Compelling Argument On Encryption And 'Going Dark' Government Fears

A Harvard study showed that the government’s fears about terrorists and criminals going off the radar are unfounded. The report, to which prominent security experts contributed, explained that we are actually heading toward a less encrypted, easy-to-surveil world.

Apps/Software February 2, 2016

Gatebox Hologram Communication Robot Banks On VR And IoT To Rival Siri, Cortana And Amelia [Video]

The landscape of AI assistants is pretty crowded, but Japanese startup vinclu Inc. showcased a compelling idea. Enter Gatebox, a gadget containing a holographic feminine AI which can communicate with humans and electronic devices alike.

Apps/Software January 22, 2016

Princeton Finds Security Flaws In Range Of Internet Of Things Devices

The Internet of Things is on the rise, with security being a major concern. Unfortunately, that concern may be for good reason, according to research conducted by Princeton University.

Gadgets January 21, 2016

The Neeo Universal Remote Can Control Your Smart Home

The future of smart home control might not be the smartphone after all. Instead, a universal remote for the smart home has been released. The remote is called Neeo.

Gadgets January 7, 2016

Samsung’s Offering a Free USB Adapter to Connect the Company’s HDTVs to the Internet of Things

Samsung's offering SmartTV consumers a connected dongle.

Gadgets January 5, 2016

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