Samsung has released the latest promotional video for its newest smartwatch, the Gear S2. The device is not powered by Android Wear and will go up against Apple Watch when it launches next year.

The ad focuses on the rotating bezel, something we have yet to see on a competing smartwatch. The two-minute video also shows off other features, but the rotating bezel is what got us interested, and it does come off as something new and refreshing.

Turning the bezel allows the user to move through different features. It is similar to how that little button on the side of the Apple Watch works, but with more control.

What's more interesting about this Samsung smartwatch? Well, as we've noted above, it is not powered by Android Wear, but instead Tizen. Yes, that's Samsung's own operating system it has been working on for quite some time now. We've seen Tizen-powered smartphones in the past, but this is probably the first time it has shown up on a smartwatch.

Samsung will continue making Android Wear handsets, but we believe this is the first of many Tizen-based smartwatches from the company.

Now, in terms of specifications, the Gear S2 will come with a 1.2-inch Super AMOLED display with 360 x 360 resolution. The screen has a good enough 302 ppi pixel density, so colors should pop. Furthermore, there's also a dual-core 1 GHz processor inside along with 4 GB worth of RAM.

The watch is also dust and water resistant though we are not sure of how far users can dip the watch in water before it goes off the deep end. When it comes down to battery life, expect up to 3 days' performance here.

We have to say, the user interface looks good. Everything appears to be circular, so do not expect a lot of scrolling down or swiping from left to right.

If you're wondering what the song playing in the video is called, well, "Kiss The Sky" by Cash Cash is the name.

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