Developers at Qeexo might have found a way to make touchscreen technology more precise ... and well, unique to the touch.

The company has come up with an algorithm that's super sensitive to the touch, able to detect a finger's 3D angle and thus enabling new powerful interactions with your device. Qeexo's FingerAngle technology could figure to stand head-to-head against Apple's 3D Touch.

While conventional touchscreens only record the general 'X', 'Y' positions of finger touches, FingerAngle's software-only solution estimates a finger's 3D angle relative to a screen's surface. Qeexo is banking on the ability to track a finger's 3D orientation to paving the way to producing new dimensions of input that could be used to improve touch applications.

For example, Qeexo was able to created a one-finger twist volume control for a smartwatch, allowing a user to turn up the sound by slighting turning a finger clockwise and counter clockwise to lower the volume. FingerAngle could also be used to control the zoom in a similar one-finger movement and even rotate images on all three axises — 'X', 'Y' and 'Z.' Those tasks are usually reserved for two fingers.

The technology could replace the need to use two fingers on touch applications for rotating things or zooming in or out, altogether, especially on smaller devices like smartwatches. FingerAngle could also feasibly open up an entirely different way of playing games on such devices.

Qeexo intends for the technology to be delivered to current devices via a simple software upgrade, however, there isn't a timetable on when FingerAngle could possibly be brought to iOS and Android users just yet.

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