At the end of Game of Thrones season five, Jon Snow suffered a brutal, brutal death. He was stabbed multiple times by his former brothers in arms, who believed themselves to be doing the Night's Watch a service. Immediately afterwards, speculation among fans ran rampant. Was Jon Snow really dead? How might he come back to life? Why can't George R.R. Martin finish his next book already so we can find out?

So many question with no answers, but now it seems we do have at least one piece of official information: Jon Snow lives.

Though we don't yet know how, HBO seems to be confirmed that the bastard of Winterfell and Lord Commander of the Night's Watch is alive, even if he isn't particularly well. HBO blasted out the poster below on social media, which features a bloody Jon Snow looking down along with the word "April".

Game of Thrones always premieres in the spring, so the fact that the show will return in April isn't exactly new. We still don't have an exact air date for season six and there are still dozens of unanswered questions, but the largest one seems to have been put to rest more than three months in advance.

It's a curious decision on HBO's part, but perhaps they figured nobody truly believed that Jon Snow was gone for good. It's been reported and rumored for months that the character would be returning in some form, as reports from on set put Jon Snow actor Kit Harrington on location. It's also rumored that flashback scenes revealing the mystery behind Snow's heritage will also be found in season six, making it seem even more likely that his character would return to the land of the living. After all, why explain the backstory and origin of a character that has bitten the dust?

Jon Snow may know nothing, but at least he knows how to cheat death. That's certainly good for something. 

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