Starting Tuesday, Nov. 24, any purchase made with Android Pay—the NFC payment system attached to Android smartphones—will see donate $1 to charity until Dec. 31. While that donation caps at $1 million, that's $1 million the charity didn't have before., for those unfamiliar, is the charitable arm of the online search engine company. According to its website, it donates $100,000,000 in grants on an annual basis. Android Pay's teaming up with them for this particular promotion to donate to, a charity for helping classrooms achieve out-of-reach goals. Though the charity is filled with general classroom projects, this particular drive will see donations go to special needs projects specifically, to help support the 6.4 million kids in the U.S. education system with special needs.

Even better? Any purchases made on Black Friday, Nov. 27, will see the donations doubled, with the company putting $2 to the cause instead of just $1. This goes back to just the $1 donation after Friday. This, of course, encourages folks to actually go out and about on Black Friday and tap their Android phones with abandon.

"The world doesn't always perfectly accommodate everyone's unique abilities," writes Hannah in a blog post at, "which is why we're so impressed by our public school teachers across the U.S. who use to acquire materials that enable them to support all learners." As an example of the kinds of projects that this promotion will work to fund, Hannah points to one teacher's request to fund materials for custom standing desks and another's request for a 3D printer—both of which solve special needs of students.

Those who want to participate will need to download and install the Android Pay app before shopping.

Source: Android Official Blog

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