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Google Pay Guide: How To Use The New Payment System, How To Add Cards, And More

Google Pay is now rolling out and ready to use in the United States and the U.K. The new system replaces Android Pay and Google Wallet and further improves on the payment process inherited from the two.

Google February 21, 2018

Google Pay Begins Global Rollout, Unifying Android Pay And Google Wallet: Features And Perks

Google Pay launched worldwide and is available now on Google Play. The new payment solution unifies Google Wallet and Android Pay, offering a number of features and benefits.

Google February 20, 2018

Google Combines Android Pay And Google Wallet Into One Service

Google has announced that it is combining the mobile payment system, Android Pay, with its Google Wallet. The new unified service will simply be called Google Pay.

Apps/Software January 9, 2018

New York City Subways To Soon Accept Apple Pay And Android Pay, But Don't Throw Away Your MetroCards Yet

New York City subway riders will soon be able to use Apple Pay and Android Pay while traveling. Commuters eager to throw away their MetroCards should hold back, though, as the rollout of the technology will not start immediately.

Business Tech October 24, 2017

Google Integrates Android Pay With Mobile Banking Apps: What This Means And How It Works

Google has announced a neat Android Pay integration with mobile banking apps, making things easier and more convenient. The integration allows users to enjoy the perks of Android Pay even if they don't have the Android Pay app installed.

Apps/Software April 13, 2017

Google Nexus 6 March Security Patch Broke Android Pay, But It's All Fine Now: What Happened?

The Nexus 6 recently got the Android security patch for March, which broke SafetyNet and Android Pay. Google found a temporary workaround and re-uploaded the OTA file and factory image, and Android Pay is now working again.

Google March 11, 2017

Android Pay: Google's Mobile Payment Service Now Supports More Than 600 Banks In US

Google’s mobile payment service, Android Pay is now reportedly supporting over 600 banks in the U.S. Nearly 31 new financial institutions have been now added to the list of Android Pay.

Apps/Software March 2, 2017

Apple Pay Overtakes PayPal To Become The Most Common Mobile Payment System In US

Apple Pay has reportedly beaten competitor PayPal to become the most used mobile payment system in the country. Apple Pay reportedly has 36 percent acceptance from merchants as opposed to PayPal’s 34 percent.

Apple February 8, 2017

Android Pay Now Supports PayPal Cards And Visa Checkout

Thanks to a new update, Android Pay has moved to version 1.13. The update to the mobile wallet system has brought several changes including PayPal Cards and Visa Checkout support.

Business Tech January 22, 2017

T-Mobile Rolls Out Software Update For LG V20, Brings Security And Audio Patches

U.S. carrier T-Mobile has pushed out the December security patch for the LG V20 smartphone. The OTA security update will bring audio fixes for the device.

Apps/Software January 19, 2017

Samsung Pay On The Gear S3 Compatible With Almost Every Android Phone Except Google Pixel

Samsung Pay now works on Android devices that are paired with the Galaxy Gear S3 and S3 Frontier through an update to the Gear Manager app. Google Pixel owners have discovered that they cannot install the update.

Wearable Tech November 29, 2016

Google To Beef Up Android Pay By Adding Support For Visa Checkout And MasterCard Masterpass

Android Pay gets new boost after Google successfully secured Visa and Mastercard into the mobile payment platform. This partnership will allow consumers to shop online with one tap, using fingerprint for authentication instead of username and password.

Google October 25, 2016

Google Chrome 53 For Android Brings Credit Card Support, Android Pay And More: Rolling Out Now

Google's Chrome 53 for Android is finally rolling out, bringing a number of notable improvements. Among the highlights, the new version brings support for credit cards and Android Pay.

Apps/Software September 9, 2016

Google Brings Chase Bank Support To Android Pay, Announces Online Purchases Via Mobile Web

Google announces that the Chase Bank is now supported on Android Pay and that eligible Chase Visa Cards can now be used with the digital wallet system. Mobile web checkouts are now also available using Android Pay and its affiliate sites.

Apps/Software September 9, 2016

Google Shows Off Chrome 53 Battery Life, Speed Improvements Via Microsoft's Surface Book

Google Chrome 53 is a whole deal faster and more efficient in terms of battery life, and to make sure that's clear, the company launched a video that highlights the new version's improvements on Microsoft Surface Books.

Google September 7, 2016

Google Wallet Is Still Alive And It Just Got Better With Automatic Transfers: No Need To Cash Out

Google Wallet just got a neat new update on Android, facilitating the whole process by introducing automatic payments. No more cashing out!

Google August 27, 2016

Walmart Pay Now Available In 33 States: Should Apple Pay, Android Pay Start To Worry?

After several recent rollouts and launches in 14 more states, Walmart Pay is now available in 33 states and Washington, DC. Should other mobile payment systems such as Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay begin to worry?

Business Tech July 4, 2016

Google Expands Android Pay To Asia, Singapore To Gain First Access

Singapore is now the third country after the U.S. and UK to get Android Pay. Google's mobile payment system can now be used to make contactless payments in retail stores in these countries.

Apps/Software June 29, 2016

Android Pay Day Brings Free Stuff Each Month To Reward UK Customers: Here's The Deal

Android Pay Day is a promotional offer from Google that encourages users in the UK to use the mobile payment service. There is a slew of free items every month for those who use their Android handsets to pay online and offline.

Apps/Software June 22, 2016

Bank Of America Now Supports Android Pay At Its Cardless ATMs

Tired of plastic cards? Good news - you can now use Android Pay at Bank of America cardless terminals.

Business Tech May 20, 2016

Samsung Pay Now Supports Membership And Loyalty Cards In The US

Samsung Pay now supports all loyalty cards in the U.S. Rivals such as Android Pay and Apple Pay already offer support for loyalty cards in the country.

Apps/Software May 19, 2016

Android Pay Lands In The UK, More Countries To Follow

Android Pay recently landed in its second market, the United Kingdom. The Brits will get some exclusive features, and Google hopes to expand its contactless payment service quickly to other countries, as well.

Apps/Software May 18, 2016

Barclays To Roll Out Its Own Contactless Payment App For Android

More and more consumers are upgrading to devices that have the necessary near-field communication technology.

Business Tech May 12, 2016

Uber Is Dropping Google Wallet For Android Pay On May 9

Uber will drop Google Wallet support on May 9, with e-mails to remind customers sent out by the ride-sharing service. Users will have to switch to Android Pay or manually enter a credit card into the Uber app.

Business Tech May 3, 2016

Want 2 GB Extra Data From Verizon? Use Android Pay For Your Purchases

Verizon is throwing in 2 GB of extra data if you use Android Pay for your purchases. Here's the deal.

Apps/Software April 16, 2016

You Need to Say Buh-Bye to Your Google Wallet Card: Here's What's Happening

The shutdown of Google Wallet Card services in June can be tied back to the introduction of Android Pay and the high fees charged by credit card companies.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech April 2, 2016

Google's Android Pay Will Arrive In The UK 'In The Next Few Months'

Google announced that its mobile payment service Android Pay is poised to land in the United Kingdom 'in the next few months.' It will soon compete with its arch rival Apple Pay, which is deemed the only available mobile payment service in the country right now.

Apps/Software March 25, 2016

Google Experiments With Hands Free Payment: Here's How It Works

Google is currently testing its Hands Free payment system. If other payment systems require a tap or a swipe, this app lets users pay using their initials and even their faces.

Apps/Software March 3, 2016

Google's Android Pay Set For UK Launch In March

Google's Android Pay is set to stir the mobile payment service in the UK with its reported March debut. Apple Pay is currently the only available mobile payment service in the country.

Apps/Software March 2, 2016

LG Pay Has A Different Take On Mobile Payments: Will It Be Better Than Apple Pay And Android Pay?

LG Pay is about to arrive, and it's going to be a different kind of mobile payment system compared to Apple Pay and Android Pay. Will it be able to dominate the growing mobile wallet scene?

Apps/Software January 30, 2016

Get A Free Google Chromecast For Using Android Pay 10 Times

Google is offering a new promotion in which users will get a free Google Chromecast for simply using Android Pay 10 times. Users will have to be located in the United States, and will have to space their purchases at least 5 minutes apart.

Gadgets January 18, 2016

Target Developing Its Own Mobile Wallet, Following Footsteps Of Walmart Pay

Target is said to be working on its own mobile payment system which would be similar to Walmart Pay. The rumor raises questions on the viability of CurrentC, which is the mobile wallet being developed by several retailers.

Apps/Software December 19, 2015

You Can Now Use Android Pay To Pay For In-App Purchases

Google is making in-app purchases even easier, though this isn't about games. Android Pay will now support in-app purchases for physical goods and services.

Apps/Software December 16, 2015

Google Drive Templates Headed To Docs, Sheets And Slides Mobile Apps On Android And iOS

Google brings Web-based templates of Docs, Sheets and Slides to mobile users of Android and iOS devices. By simply clicking the Add New button, users can opt to choose a template instead of opening a plain, unfilled document.

Apps/Software December 16, 2015

Google Plans To Launch Android Pay In Australia First Half Of 2016

Google will be launching Android Pay in Australia in the first half of next year. The mobile payment system will be supported by a variety of Australian banks, merchants and apps upon its launch.

Business December 16, 2015

Google Will Donate $1 To Education For Every Purchase Made With Android Pay

'Tis the season to give generously: in keeping with the holiday spirit, Google and Android Pay are teaming up to donate $1 for every purchase made via the mobile payment app to special needs education.

Apps/Software November 25, 2015

Android Pay To Donate To Charity For Every Purchase Made Until End Of Year

Donating $1 for every purchase adds up fast, and it's all going to help kids in need.

Apps/Software November 24, 2015

LG Planning To Launch Its Own Payment System

It's currently unknown when LG Pay will debut and if it will allow users to pay for items with a simple wave of their smartphone, the way Apple Pay, Google's Android Pay and Samsung Pay allow.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech November 19, 2015

Samsung Pay Going To UK, Spain And China As LG G Pay Prepare December Launch: Report

Samsung is reportedly launching Samsung Pay in other regions across globe, including China, Spain and the UK, by the first quarter of next year. LG Electronics, in the meantime, has announced that it is planning to launch its very own mobile payment platform by December.

Apps/Software November 19, 2015

Samsung Is Giving Away A Free Wireless Charger To Get You To Use Samsung Pay

Get a free wireless charger when you activate Samsung Pay on a Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge Plus or Note 5 between Oct. 28 and Nov.8. Act fast if you want to join in the promo, as Samsung will only be giving out 200,000 units.

Gadgets October 31, 2015

Apple Pay Gets American Express Support For Global Expansion, Finally Launching Beyond US And UK

Apple Pay and American Express announced a joint effort to bring the mobile payment service to foreign markets. While so far Apple Pay reached only the U.S. and the UK, the service is now ready to expand globally.

Apps/Software October 29, 2015

Banks Could Soon Challenge Samsung Pay And Android Pay, But Not Apple Pay

Mobile payment services from Samsung and Google got competition. Capital One was the first bank to roll out a mobile app that rivals Android Pay and Samsung Pay. Apple Pay has an advantage in the mobile transaction niche.

Apps/Software October 20, 2015

Jamba Juice Is Giving Away Android Collectibles To Android Pay Users, But Only Until Supplies Last

Android Pay and Jamba Juice started a happiness-based promotion. The companies announced a mini surprise for clients using Android Pay at the smoothie chain: each of them will receive collectible Android Mini Figures, but there’s a catch.

Apps/Software October 19, 2015

LG Is Jumping Into Mobile Payments With LG G Pay? Here’s What We Know So Far

LG is the latest electronics company to develop its own mobile payments system. In a billion-dollar industry that is growing as more players jump in, how does LG plan to differentiate itself?

Business October 14, 2015

OnePlus Mini With Helio X10, 13MP Camera And NFC Chip Tipped To Have A $250 Price Tag And 2015 Release

The full set of specs and features for the rumored new OnePlus smartphone said to be in development has been released online. Here’s what we know so far about the OnePlus Mini.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech October 7, 2015

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