Chrysler is recalling hundreds of thousands of Jeep SUVs to fix a problem with a faulty ignition switch.

The recall will be affecting certain models of 2006-2007 Jeep Commanders and 2005-2007 Jeep Grand Cherokees. Exact vehicles affected are yet to be identified but Chrysler has said it will be notifying owners by September. These vehicles are fitted with ignition switches that could be accidentally knocked out of the "on" position most usually when the driver's knee hits the switch while driving.

"The precise number of affected vehicles will be determined by the investigation. Approximately 792,300 are implicated - 649,900 in the U.S.; 28,800 in Canada; 12,800 in Mexico and 100,800 outside of the NAFTA region. The Commander is no longer in production and the Grand Cherokee has since been completely redesigned; newer models are not subject to the recall," Chrysler said in a statement.

When the ignition switch is inadvertently turned off, it can cause the engine to stall, with power safety systems shutting down as well so steering, brakes and air bags may not work during the incident.

Chrysler has said that so far no injuries or fatalities have been reported because of the faulty ignition switches but has acknowledged that it is aware of one accident. The company, of course, will take care of repair expenses when owners are notified that their vehicles are being recalled.

Before notices are sent out, Chrysler is appealing to Jeep drivers to be more conscious of the space between their knees and the ignition switch, ensuring that there is enough room between the two and that key rings should be left bare as much as possible.

Ignition systems in vehicles have recently been subjected to increased scrutiny after General Motors recalled more than 2.5 million small cars this year. All the recalled cars have faulty ignitions; a problem that has caused at least 13 deaths. The company has also picked up the pace of overall recalls, calling back 29 million vehicles total in North America since February. Around 17 million of those have been tagged for ignition-related problems.

In 2011, Chrysler also recalled close to 200,000 minivans for ignition-related problems. This most recent batch of recalls comes after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration expressed it was looking into older Chrysler models regarding issues with ignition switches. According to the agency, it has received no less than 32 complaints from Jeep owners dating back six years involving ignition switches.

Concerned vehicle owners may call Chrysler's customer information center.

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