The Kano DIY computer kit finally has its very own screen, which is what it's been missing since its release back in 2013.

Made for children, the Raspberry Pi-powered kit is supposed to teach children how to code, program and engineer computers from scratch. In the ethic of a LEGO set, the creators of the Kano kit think that kids can learn best by learning the inner workings of the 20th and 21st century's most important machine by doing it themselves.

"We think when you build the whole system around the premise of looking inside, taking control remixing, making and playing, you've got them in a different kind of walled garden, one that expands outside the wall," company CEO and co-founder Alex Klein told Wired in an interview.

Before Kano decided to include a tablet-like screen — the LCD monitor is about 10.1 inches in length — with the latest iteration of its kit, kids between the ages of six and 12 had to use an HDMI cable to hook it up to a computer or a TV monitor. By doing away with the necessity for an additional cable, Kano kit owners don't have to splurge on extra amenities.

"Unless you can create a complete system, the kid is always going to experience this through the lens of a closed piece of technology," added Klein.

Via: Wired

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