Yes, being a maker means using your own two hands to make your creations, but everyone could use a helping hand every once in a while. That's exactly what Makerarm is, a new robotic arm containing a complete digital fabrication system that recently launched on Kickstarter.

Makerarm comes with several different interchangeable heads to complete a wide variety of tasks, such as 3D printing, carving, laser engraving and assembling. A special hardware development kit will also allow users to create custom tool heads for the device, and you can even teach it new functions.

The device is wireless, so all you need is a Wi-Fi connection to control it from any device (smartphone, tablet or laptop/PC). Several Makerarms can even work together on a single project to accomplish specific tasks. You can also get some virtual help in visualizing your project with a one-year commercial subscription to the cloud-based CAD program Autodesk Fusion 360, which comes with the purchase of a Makerarm.

The big sell for Makerarm seems to be the convenience and ease with which one can get started making. After unboxing the device, you just mount it on your workspace with an included base plate and four standard bolts, slide on your tool head of choice, connect Makerarm to the software, get your material and design ready and start making.

So, what can you do with a Makerarm once you have it all set up? The video included in the product's Kickstarter page gives examples of everything from screwing together a laptop to milling to even decorating a cake. With everything that Makerarm can help with, it seems like you don't have to be a maker to use it, although with a price point starting at $999 to preorder this gadget through Kickstarter, this product seems a bit steep for the casual consumer to buy.

Makerarm has earned nearly $84,000 of its $349,750 goal at the time of this writing and has 34 days left for its campaign. If you decide to back this project to get your very own Makerarm, you'll receive it by an estimated delivery date of October 2016.

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