Just about everything on a smartphone is smart except for the glass, but that may not be the case soon. The British startup Bodle Technologies claims to have developed a "smart glass" that has the potential to significantly save battery life, which could be a compelling game changer in the industry of smart devices.

When it comes to battery consumption on smartphones, the display is the biggest culprit, using up more than 90 percent of valuable juice. With the smart glass, the display will no longer rely on the battery to illuminate the screen, as it will use electrical pulses instead, allowing a device's battery life to last for a week.

"We can create an entire new market. You have to charge smartwatches every night, which is slowing adoption. But if you had a smartwatch or smart glass that didn't need much power, you could recharge it just once a week," Dr. Peiman Hosseini, electronic engineer and founder of Bodle Technologies, tells The Telegraph.

The concept is based on the technology used in rewritable DVDs, making use of phase-changing materials to create a vivid display. It'll even remain clear under sunlight.

Beyond personal smart devices, the idea is also believed to be applicable to smart windows, which is estimated to be roughly a $2 billion market by the year 2017. The glazing on the material is to be capable of blocking out infrared waves, keeping buildings cooler even without air-conditioning.

On top of that, Dr. Hosseini says that the innovation could also lead to holograms that can't be duplicated as fakes, preventing bogus ones from emerging. This market is estimated to be worth roughly $1.6 trillion.

It's a safe bet to assume that almost everybody has dreamed of a smartphone with a long-lasting battery, and now, the technological marvel that is the smart glass could be in the near future.

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