Details and images about Oukitel's unannounced K10000 with its immense 10,000 mAh made rounds on the Internet, but regarding its availability and price, not much is known about it. But now Oukitel has introduced a smaller  martphone with a whopping 6,000 mAh battery pack.

The China-based tech firm has been trying to penetrate the smartphone market over the past year, and it hopes to do so with the K6000. Oukitel focused on the problem that most smartphone users face every day: battery life.

With its 6,000 mAh battery, the K6000 can go for about 10 days on a single charge with typical use, and when it's on standby mode, it can last up to 40 days. Also, music lovers will be delighted to know that it can go for up to 46 hours with continuous audio playback. Aside from its big battery capacity, the K6000 manages to last long because of a unique power-saving feature.

In terms of charging, the handset can be juiced up in just five minutes to make two hours' worth of talk time. That's because the K6000 features flash charging with its 9V/2A support, which is perfect for a device with such an enormous battery pack. Not only that, but the smartphone also supports reverse charging, which means that it can function as a power bank. That could prove to be a reliable lifesaver when no outlets are immediately available.

Other than the impressive battery life, Oukitel has not disclosed any other specs of the K6000, including price and availability. Thanks to GizmoChina, we can see that it looks similar to Huawei and OPPO smartphones regarding design.

Online users voiced out their opinions, saying that they won't mind if it turns out to be an entry-level or mid-range smartphone as long as it keeps its promise about its battery life.

Oukitel really made an impressive battery pack, but what we want to know is whether the K6000 with its 6,000 mAh battery can truly deliver when it goes official.

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