We can thank NASA for sending men to the moon, taking gorgeous hi-resolution photos of the cosmos, landing the Mars Space Rover which continues to make us think we see spooky women, Star Wars Droids, or even Big Foot on the red planet. Now we can add yet another glorious addition to the advancement of human kind made possible by the contributions of NASA: bacon-scented underwear.

That's right, according to the folks at J&D's, it was through the hard work and dedication of the researchers at NASA that inks embedded with scents was made possible. By craftily “stealing” this amazing invention, J&D first developed a bacon-scented pillowcase last year which allowed bacon lovers everywhere to dream sweet, sizzling dreams. This year, they've one-upped even themselves with the introduction of their newest product.

Bacon Scented Underwear for Women and Men is available right now for $19.99 on J&D's online store. The red hot undies remain laced with the aroma sweet, mouth-watering bacon for up to six months as long as you take care to wash it separately and use unscented detergent. (Hey, you really should be separating your reds anyway).

According to the J&D website, Justin and Dave, the founders of the company, originally started their product line with Bacon salt – a concoction of their own invention which made everything taste like bacon.

From then it was straight to bacon-laced success.

However, the perfection of the bacon-scented underwear does come with some hazard warnings. Do not wear them when camping in the woods without some bear-deterrent or firearm nearby. They also do not recommend their product for owners of large dogs with sharp teeth (especially for sleeping in), or for people in the following professions: mail carriers, veterinarians, dog-walkers, zoo keepers, and lion tamers.

If you work in any of these jobs, please wear this underwear with extreme caution.

Check out J&D's official listing for the Bacon Scented Underwear for complete details of the undies and to order a pair of your very own.

So thank you J&D for yet another product that bacon-lovers never thought they needed but now want stuffed in their stockings this Christmas. Thank you NASA for the technology to make this bacon-scented underwear dream a reality. And thank you Internet, for the thousands of odes and memes to bacon that continue to hail it as the supreme ruler of all red meats (despite the WHO warning of increased cancer).

Bacon on!

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