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Want To Lower Your Risk Of Breast Cancer? Avoid Processed Meat, Says Study

Researchers reviewed previous studies linking processed and red meat to cancer. They confirmed that eating bacon, ham, sausages, and other similar types of food increase the risk of breast cancer.

Public Health October 4, 2018

Bacon Lovers, Rejoice: No Shortage Of Tasty Pork Treat In Sight

Last December, frozen pork belly supply in the U.S. dropped to a record low following a massive demand for bacon, but there's no need to panic because no shortage is likely to occur, pork industry representatives say.

Business Tech February 2, 2017

5 Popular Food Choices Believed To Cause Cancer: Nutella, Microwave Popcorn, Hotdogs And More

Food lovers may have to rethink what's in their diet. Here are five everyday popular food choices that are believed to cause cancer: Nutella chocolate spread, microwave popcorn, processed meats, canned food, and soda.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 16, 2017

Bacon And Alcohol Up Stomach Cancer Risk

A new study found that eating processed food like bacon, drinking alcoholic drinks and being overweight may increase the risk of stomach cancer. For every 50 grams of processed meat eaten each day, the risk increases by 18 percent.

Life April 21, 2016

Bacon Scented Underwear Is Real And You Can Get Them For $20 -- Thank You Internet

It's the bacon-themed product you never knew you wanted. Thanks to 'stolen' NASA technology, bacon-scented underwear will let you smell like glorious, sizzling bacon even after six months of washing.

Internet Culture November 26, 2015

Bacon, Sausage Sales Plummet After WHO Cancer Report

In the United Kingdom, supermarkets saw a £3 million (over $4 million) drop in the sales of bacon and sausages over the last two weeks. An analyst group said that the "scare" from the WHO report on processed meats results in an incremental drop of 10 percent in sales.

Life November 23, 2015

Bacon, Sausage Pose The Same Cancer Risk As Smoking: WHO To Give Warning On Carcinogenic Effects Of Processed Meat

Bacon lovers may be dismayed: processed meats are now deemed just as cancerous as cigarettes. The warning from WHO may affect the fast food sector and the entire meat industry.

Life October 24, 2015

World's Oldest Woman Says She Eats Bacon Daily

A bacon a day will keep your age away. World's oldest woman, Susannah Mushatt Jones, said she eats bacon every single day.

Life October 8, 2015

Oscar Mayer's New Dating App Sizzl Matches Users Based On Their Love Of Bacon

Oscar Mayer launched a new dating app that matches singles based on their bacon preferences.

Apps/Software September 17, 2015

Ooh...Bacon! Nope, It's Seaweed: Say Hello To The New Superfood

Dulse seaweed has been eaten for centuries in Northern Europe. Finally, American scientists have found a way to make it taste like bacon.

July 17, 2015

New Emojis For 2016 May Include Avocado, Bacon And A Selfie

Good news for those who think no set of emojis is complete without a symbol for a selfie. The Unicode Consortium has submitted that and 37 other new characters for approval to use in 2016.

Internet Culture May 21, 2015

7 Recipes For Bacon Lovers That Will Change Your Life

These unique bacon concoctions will make you love your favorite food even more.

Feature March 23, 2015

Krispy Kreme's Bacon Donut Hot Dog Is Absolutely Overwhelming!

Minor league baseball team the Wilmington Blue Rocks added a new hot dog concoction to its menu — featuring a Krispy Kreme doughnut, bacon and jam.

Internet Culture March 11, 2015

Hooters Will Serve Bacon-Wrapped Wings For March Madness

In celebration of March Madness, Hooters is featuring limited-time menu items like bacon-wrapped chicken wings.

Internet Culture March 6, 2015

Little Caesars Announces Pizza Wrapped In 3.5 Feet Of Bacon

Bacon makes everything better. This deep dish pizza wrapped in three-and-a-half-feet of bacon is simply perfection.

Internet Culture February 19, 2015

Perfect Gift Lets You Cook Bacon Naked For The Win

Bacon bacon bacon! What's better than cooking bacon? Cooking it naked. Or it would be if it wasn't so dangerous to the male anatomy. Thanks to Naked Bacon Cooking Armor, now it's 100% safe.

Internet Culture December 12, 2014

Bacon - Chemistry makes it smell so delicious! [VIDEO]

Bacon smells and tastes like nothing else. Here is the chemistry behind its appeal!

Life May 31, 2014

Wake up and smell the bacon with Oscar Mayer

Oscar Mayer and Apple have teamed up to release Wake Up and Smell the Bacon, an iOS alarm clock app that sounds and smells like frying bacon. The app and accompanying scent attachment are only available to winners of an Oscar Mayer promotion.

Life March 10, 2014

Want healthy sperms? Eat fish, ditch bacon

Bacon and other processed foods might be harmful to sperms, a new study has found.

Life October 18, 2013

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