It looks like this minor league baseball team just had a major menu strikeout.

Food and baseball are two of America's favorite things, but this team may have taken things too far. While adding bacon to just about anything sounds like a good idea in theory, chances are you won't be ordering this doughnut, bacon and hot dog snack at Delaware's Frawley Stadium.

The Wilmington Blue Rocks — a minor league team affiliated with the Kansas City Royals — are responsible for the Krispy Kreme doughnut-and-hot dog hybrid covered in bacon and jam.

The yet-unnamed creation is essentially a hot dog — held together by diabetes. It uses a Krispy Kreme doughnut as the bun, which of course has that finger-licking-good sugary frosting. Next, a ballpark dog is thrown inside and drizzled with raspberry jelly. Then the grand slam — bacon.

We'd say they surely didn't hit this item out of the park, because just the look of it is absolutely — overwhelming. Nevertheless, the Blue Rocks’ Krispy Kreme Doughnut Dog has already found some die-hard fans.

On the obesity scale, the bacon doughnut dog may not be the worst baseball food offender. ESPN’s Darren Rovell previously tweeted a picture of the Churro Dog, a ballpark treat that scores just under 1,600 calories.

The Churro Dog consists of a churro in place of a hot dog, topped with frozen yogurt, whipped cream, and chocolate and caramel syrup. It will be served at the Diamondbacks' Chase Field in Arizona.

It's hard to imagine still having an appetite after the Churro Dog and Krispy Kreme bacon doughnut. But we're likely to see even more over-the-top concoctions as baseball stadiums one-up each other to lure in foodie fans.

The Blue Rocks are asking fans to come up with a name for the bacon doughnut dog. Submissions can be entered on their website, where the winner will get a free ticket to opening night and a chance to throw the first pitch.

Our suggestion? "When Munchies Hits The Minor Leagues."

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