In an era where almost every person in the world has a social media account, viral trends just seem to keep popping up virtually every season.

First there was planking, where people lie face down on different surfaces and sometimes in unusual locations, and then there was the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, where participants poured a bucket full of ice over them to simulate symptoms of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Earlier this month, youngsters on Twitter started the #CondomChallenge to supposedly promote safe sex through the use of condoms. Challengers drop water-filled condoms on their heads to prove that condoms are capable of fitting any size of male genitals.

The newest social media trend comes in the form of the glitter beard, where grown men have found a way to use their whiskers to help spread holiday cheer.

Men all over the United States are uploading videos of themselves with their beards covered in sparkling glitters. There are already around 4,000 posts on Instagram showing this spangled stunt and using the hashtag #glitterbeard.

The trend was invented by two bearded friends who own the Instagram account known as The Gay Beards.

Some gents have even taken the challenge to another level by adding Christmas ornaments and other holiday decorations.

The glitter beard trend has also sparked a similar one among women where ladies growing their underarm hair in protest of sexist standards for beauty have decided to add glitters to their pits. The #glitterpits trend is starting to grow (no pun intended) in popularity in its own right.

While many people participating in the glitter beard and glitter pits challenges mostly do it for fun, some social media users are taking a stand against the stunt.

They believe the glitters on beards and armpits could make their way into clothes, drinks and foods, which could then lead to health hazards for people.

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