The Fossil Q Founder smartwatch is now available at Fossil. While it was also spotted on Google Store, there are no signs indicating its availability for purchase just yet.

Resembling the Moto 360 wearable, the Fossil Q Founder is the first pocket-friendly priced smartwatch that is packed with the brand new Atom ultra low-power chips from Intel. Its stainless steel model is currently listed at $295 while the brown leather strapped version is retailed at $275 on Fossil's website.

"Powered by Android Wear, it tracks activity, connects to your favorite apps, receives notifications, and has customizable faces to fit your style," said Fossil.

The new smartwatch from Fossil is also one of those wearables that is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. According to the company's official site, the Fossil Q Founder smartwatch is compatible with Android OS 4.3 or higher, iOS 8.2/iPhone 5 and above. All models are designed with Bluetooth connectivity and feature enhanced data transfer of 4.2 Low Energy.

"Fossil Q Founder is engineered with Intel Innovation and powered by Android Wear - in addition to tracking your activity, receiving notifications, and inspiring weekly curiosity, you can also match your watch to your look in seconds with customizable watch face designs," added Fossil.

Other notable features of the wearable include 1.5-inch Circle LTPS LCD with a resolution of 360 x 326 at 240 PPI, 1 GB RAM, 4 GB internal storage, 400 mAh battery, WiFi, Invensense ICS-43432 mic and a number of sensors such as gyroscope, accelerometer and ambient light. Its weight is measured at 6.10 ounces for the steel band version and at 2.5 ounces for the one with the leather strap.

"Technology is a major disruptor in many industries right now," said Jill Elliott-Sones, CCO at Fossil. "Thanks to its ability to pair with both iOS and Android devices, we're more accessible to more people."

Customers who wish to see a more exhaustive specs list of the Fossil Q Founder smartwatch can try to go to the Google Store in order to have an idea of what sets it apart from other wearables in the market. The store also indicates that the wearable has an IP67 water resistance rating, for instance. However, there is no price just yet on the page, nd Google didn't note when it will actually start selling the device.

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