Even though our clocks have struck past Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the sales continue well into the final month of 2015.

Cricket Wireless, a prepaid wireless service provider owned by AT&T, is offering discounts all the way from Black Friday through Cyber Monday up until Dec. 3 or while supplies last.

For Cyber Monday onwards, Cricket's best deal offers three Samsung Galaxy models for half off. The Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S6 can be had for 50 percent off for both existing and new customers.

Why would customers even buy a two-year-old Galaxy S model when this year's latest Galaxy S6 can be had for half off? Because the Galaxy S4 now only costs $99.99. For that price, two-year old specs are sufficient, especially as a backup phone or something for the kids.

For $199.99, Cricket offers last year's Band-Aid looking backed Galaxy S5, and for an extra $50, Cricket is selling this year's all-metal Galaxy S6 at $249.99. These rock bottom prices are off-contract prices, meaning the units are yours to keep for cheap as long as you sign up for one of Cricket's plans.

Cricket plans come in three tiers. For $40 a month, subscribers can avail of unlimited talk and text, plus 2.5 GB of data. For $50 a month, data limit is increased to 5 GB. Finally, for $60 a month, subscribers get a total of 10 GB of monthly data. Cricket's data speeds are capped, however, at 8 Mbps.

Of course, there's more. This is the holidays so in continuing its holiday cheer, Cricket is also offering a $100 credit to customers who make the switch over from another carrier by Dec. 6. This can then be used towards their next bill, accessories or even other smartphones if the Samsung's Galaxy line isn't to their liking.

Cricket also offers other deals besides Samsung's Galaxy phones. The company also has the LG G Stylo on discount for $49.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate with the Cricket Visa Promotion Card and a $50 instant discount. The original price for the unit before the discounts is $149.99.

If "free" is what will hook more customers, Cricket is basically giving away the ZTE Overture, LG Risio, Motorola Moto E, and the Nokia Lumia 635 at no cost provided buys make use of varying mail-in rebates.

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