A new report claims Samsung will take another page out of Apple's iPhone playbook when it comes to its upcoming flagship Galaxy S7. A source claims the smartphone will retain the same design as the Galaxy S6 and receive under-the-hood improvements, just like Apple's strategy with its "s" moniker iPhones.

Samsung has taken repeated flak over the years over the design of its high-end smartphones and phablets. While rival smartphone makers like HTC began to focus on matching Apple's iPhones in the look and feel department by dropping plastic for metal, Samsung continued its tradition of focusing on top-of-the-line specs and exclusive software features.

With less than stellar sales of its flagship Galaxy S5 in 2014, it became clear to Samsung that it needed to give its fans what they were asking for, a smartphone that truly competed with Apple's iPhone in performance and premium design.

The introduction of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge was the unveiling of Samsung's new design language, which now included an ultra-thin metal and glass design. The S6 Edge was even awarded "Best New Handset, Tablet, or Device" at Mobile World Congress in March. If you loved the design of the Samsung Galaxy S6, you're going to love the look of its successor, next year's flagship Galaxy S7. If you were hoping for a new design, you're probably going to have to wait until 2017.

A new report claims Samsung will use the same design of the Galaxy S6 and focus on improving performance and beefing up the smartphone's internals and camera. This will reportedly allow the company to keep production costs down, which would also likely allow Samsung to price the Galaxy S7 lower than Apple's latest iPhones. This appears to back up a previous report that said Samsung was planning to make the price of the Galaxy S7 cheaper than the Galaxy S6 at launch.

As with all rumors of highly-anticipated smartphones, take this rumor with a grain of salt for now.

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