People Are Naming Their Babies After Instagram Filters

Close released a list of the hottest baby name trends from the 340,000 parents registered on its website. We should at least thank Instagram for having decently-named filters, otherwise the year 2030 may witness a rise in angsty teens hating their names. 

If you have an Instagram account, we urge you to log in and take a minute to do a quick scan of the names of the available filters and tools you can use before reading further.

Did you see Lux? How about Ludwig, Kelvin, Hudson and Amaro? Well, chances are those are the names you'll be hearing quite a few parents calling their little bundles of joy because they all belong to the list of 2015's hottest baby name trends.

According to BabyCenter, Lux climbed 75 percent on the list of baby boy names; the name also rose on the list for baby girls. Ludwig, a Instagram filter that also happens to be genius composer Beethoven's first name, saw a 42 percent jump while Amaro experienced a 26 percent increase, still in baby boy names. From there, Reyes, Hudson and Kelvin saw an increase of 10, four, and three percent respectively.

The Juno filter, which is used for outdoor photography, seems to be really popular as a baby girl name but we can't argue because she's also the Roman Goddess equivalent of Hera. The popularity of the name Juno rose 30% after it was introduced as an Instagram filter in late April 2015. Valencia, a port city in Spain that's also happens to be a nice Instagram filter, saw a 26% increase in popularity and Willow increased about 13%.

Of course, the classic names still reign supreme but that doesn't mean parents are not taking inspiration from other media. The site also said that new parents have looked to YouTube celebrities for baby name inspiration but let us hope that no child will bear the burden of being named PewDiePie and just be called Felix (the YouTuber's real name) instead.

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