Apple Watch users can choose from a wide array of apps ready for download. Health and fitness enthusiasts who want to keep track of their data will surely benefit from this wearable device.

But, of course, not all 10,000 Apple Watch apps on the iTunes Store are useful to users — certainly, we could do with more than a few of them. So we have sorted through these apps and chose the finest to aid all health buffs out there.

1. Attivo

This activity tracker application allows you to record activities such as running, walking or cycling. To see your tracked activity, simply swipe up and the details will instantly appear. Attivo even features a map view, which allows you to check out your current and former locations, in case you get lost. Plus, the app is totally free to download.

2. Aqua Pura

Water is undoubtedly essential in one's health. However, we always have busy schedules that we tend to forget taking the right amount of water recommended by experts. Aqua Pura helps you keep track of your water consumption and provides a visual representation of your weekly H2O intake.

3. Strava

This running app claims to inform you about your average speed, how high you climbed when running inclines, your distance and your real-time heart rate.

4. Lifesum

Keeping track of your food intake will be easier with this app, as it monitors what you eat and drink throughout the day. What makes it even more useful is that it can figure out your caloric consumption. It even gives you info on what foods to avoid and indicates appropriate portion sizes.

5. Hello Heart

This app will surely get the attention of those who are always monitoring their blood pressure. It records and uploads your vital signs straight from your wrist.

6. HealthTap

With this app, you will get access to answers of your medical questions from around 68,000 health practitioners in the U.S. Furthermore, it can notify you in taking your prescribed medications and remind you of your virtual sessions with your doctors.

7. Medication Alarm

This is specifically beneficial to those who are taking medications. Apart from reminding you to take your medicines, it also tracks the number of pills you have left in case you need to buy more.

8. Sleep++

Sleep is important in one's health. Its regulates your metabolism, ensures mental alertness and helps rejuvenate damaged cells. This free app can keep an eye on the duration and quality of your sleep to make sure you're getting those z's.

9. 7 Minute Workout "Seven"

There's no excuse to procrastinate on exercise if your'e carrying a virtual personal trainer on your wrist. This app comes equipped with exercise routines and diagrams.

10. Spring Moves

Music provides a calorie-free energizer for your workout. The Spring Moves app helps you to do just that. What's more, this "rhythm-based music service" helps you choose a playlist based on your activity.  It has to be noted, though, that you must have a wireless headset to use this app.

There you have it: Ten fitness and health apps for your Apple Watch to help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

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