In his column for The Atlantic, newly minted Marvel writer Ta-Nehisi Coates dished on how collaborating with comic book artist Brian Stelfreeze has changed the award-winning author's approach to writing, all the while revealing Stelfreeze's concept sketches for the upcoming Marvel series. 

The columnist, activist, and author of the 2015 National Book Award winner Between the World and Me revealed that his collaboration with Stelfreeze is a beneficial change of pace compared with his usual process of writing, which he classifies typically as a "lonely exercise." Working with the artist has, to his surprise, heavily influenced the next chapter in the Black Panther mythology, all the while revealing important details on the use of Vibranium in the series:

"After talking back and forth we came up with some new ideas for how T'Challa's famed Vibranium-weave suit might work—in this case, absorbing kinetic energy and allowing him to fire that energy back out in short energy bursts. 'Energy bursts' almost gets it wrong—think 'force-push' not 'optic blast.' All the old powers are there—enhanced senses, agility, peak-human strength, etc. But this idea (and others) really came out of Brian's thoughts—not just on the suit—but on the properties of Vibranium itself."

Coates also promised to post updates on his column as he delves further into the process of comic writing and hashing out Marvel's inaugural black superhero, who was developed by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, and first premiered in the MCU in 1966.

Check out some of Stelfreeze's concept art for the upcoming Black Panther comics below, courtesy of The Atlantic.

Via: The Atlantic

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