Fallout 4's visuals aren't the best we've seen this generation, but they get the job done. After all, the wasteland of the Commonwealth isn't exactly supposed to be pretty.

However, that's not stopping modders from working their magic on the game's PC version. If you're looking to spruce up the visuals of the wasteland, you might want to check out this mod from Nexus mod member Printerkop.

It's called Commonwealth HQ Landscape Overhaul, and it basically does what its name implies. The mod takes the various elements of the game's terrain — grass, shrubs, garbage and debris — and adds an extra layer of polish to each. It might not sound like much, but you can definitely tell the different textures in the comparison video at the bottom of this post.

Everything just looks a little more detailed. From the number of leaves to the cracks in the concrete, it's a little something extra that fans who have spent hours upon hours scouring the wasteland will likely appreciate. The only downside is that the mod is currently only available on PC, though that will soon change when mods arrive on Xbox One (and later on PS4) next year.

Visual improvement mods are always popular, so expect to see even more visual upgrades to Fallout in weeks and months to come. How exactly those visual improvement mods will work on consoles (or if they will work at all) remains to be seen, but fans can at least dream about the possibilities in the meantime.

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