Hot on the heels of its last major event — which hasn't yet fully wrapped — Marvel's reportedly set to send the mutants of its remaining X-Men books into "Apocalypse Wars," which one assumes has everything to do with the classic villain Apocalypse. Yes, as in the villain featured in the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse film.

The report comes courtesy of an image allegedly captured by an attendee of Comic Con Experience 2015 — referred to as CCXP — in Brazil, where Marvel talent manager Rickey Purdin revealed the upcoming crossover event was to drop in 2016 and feature in all three of the relaunched mutant-centric titles All-New X-Men, Extraordinary X-Men and Uncanny X-Men. Whether these will be the only mutant books running at the time or just the only ones to feature whatever Apocalypse Wars entails isn't clear.

How Apocalypse could possibly factor into the storylines of the three books is fairly obvious. There's actually a version of the character on the All-New X-Men roster thanks to some shenanigans initially started off during Rick Remender's run on Uncanny X-Force a couple of years ago. The non-child version of the popular villain even made an appearance during the recent Axis event, where folks were essentially flipped in terms of personality and generally morality. There's also Archangel, previously both a Horseman and Apocalypse (in name) within continuity before. So, there's ways for this to make sense.

Though not officially tied to the movie given that it's a Fox production, the timing is obviously intended to coincide with the branding that just so happens to be plastered all over movie theaters and television starting relatively soon. All that is to say, Apocalypse Wars makes total sense if Marvel wants to take advantage of this while still kind of giving Fox the finger.

Source: Newsarama via Comic Book Resources

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