Morgan Freeman Unhurt Following Forced Landing In Mississippi Airport


Multi-awarded Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman assured everyone that he and his pilot are completely safe and unscathed after his private plane was forced to land in Mississippi on Dec. 5 because of mechanical problems.

The plane's tire exploded after takeoff and caused the small aircraft's landing gear to jam. The plane collapsed upon landing and veered off the runway.

The entire ordeal happened in Mississippi when Freeman took off from Clarksdale on his way to Houston, Texas to shoot a segment for "The Story of God," a National Geographic series that the actor co-executive produces and hosts.

Freeman's pilot, Jimmy Hobson, detected the mechanical problem shortly after takeoff and reported the issue to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). In response, the FAA diverted their flight to the Tunica Municipal Airport.

Clarksdale Mayor Bill Luckett, who is also Freeman's friend, confirmed that Freeman was safe and that another plane was sent to pick up the actor and take him to his destination.

On Dec. 6, Freeman posted a statement on his Facebook account, thanking everyone who was concerned about his well-being after the incident and explaining what happened.

"Appreciate the concern and prayers for our safety. Thank you," he began. "On our way to Texas yesterday ... a tire blew on takeoff, which caused other problems."

Kathleen Bergen, spokeswoman for the FAA, confirmed the plane's main landing gear did collapse and that the aircraft went off the side of the runway after landing.

No report has been released regarding the extent of the damage on the plane, but the actor said that the aircraft was the real casualty. Freeman thanked Hobson for landing them safely without a scratch but said he could not say the same about the plane.

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