Twitter is ending 2015 bigger and better.

On Monday, the social media giant announced a more immersive timeline, allowing users to uncrop photos, resulting in larger, fuller images — the way they were meant to be viewed.

The introduction of the new feature can be seen as of now by simply logging into your Twitter accounts.

As part of the announcement, Twitter is also introducing bigger, fuller multi-photo displays, sharpening the look of each photo within such posts.

Twitter's blog even has before-and-after images for how photos used to look and how they'll look from here on out, being bolstered by the new feature in its richer photo experience.

As the aforementioned picture comparison shows, the featured uncropping sort of unravels the rest of the photo, presenting it to your followers the way each image intended to be seen within a multi-photo display.

The introduction of Monday's feature only puts more focus on the rich media experience that Twitter aims to keep delivering to its millions of users.

The company said itself, as part of its announcement, that whether its a photo from famed astronaut Scott Kelly's #YearInSpace, actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus onstage at the Emmys or Brian Dickinson's unreal solo summit of Mt. Everest, enhanced photos on the social network will bring all of us right into the moment via images' larger displays.

Having launched its autoplaying video earlier this year and redesigning Moments around visual media, Twitter's rich media continues to take leaps forward ... right in time for the New Year and the abundance of 2016-celebration pics that are bound to deluge timelines around the world.

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