AT&T wants its customers to get pleasure from its ultrahigh-speed GigaPower broadband service.

The Dallas-based telecommunications company announced on Monday, Dec. 7, that it intends to expand its fiber optic-based service GigaPower to 38 cities. These cities newly added in AT&T's listing will bring the service to a total of 56 metros.

Initially, AT&T launched its blazingly speedy Internet service in West Palm Beach and Los Angeles also on Dec. 7. The launch of AT&T GigaPower in these two areas implies that the service is available in 20 of the largest metros in the United States as of the moment. Thirty-six other cities will get the Internet service at later dates.

"Customer demand for AT&T GigaPower and sales have exceeded expectations since launching speeds up to 1 gigabit per second in Austin," said the executive vice president and chief marketing officer of AT&T Entertainment Group, Brad Bentley.

Bentley believes that the faster speeds offered via AT&T GigaPower keep businesses and clients connected as they have the access to more content on more devices.

"This improves a customer's experience when they are connecting to the cloud, hosting a video conference, streaming videos and music, playing online games and more," added Bentley.

How Fast Is The AT&T GigaPower?

This broadband service touts the speed of up to one gigabit for every second. This means that customers will be able to download 25 songs in less than one second, an HD movie in less than 36 seconds and a TV show in no more than three seconds.

As a point of comparison, GigaPower is 20 times quicker than AT&T's fastest offered residential Internet service and roughly four times speedier than what Comcast presently offers.

Jan Dawson, the chief analyst at Jackdaw Research, is convinced there is a long way to go before a significant chunk of the U.S. population can enjoy such speeds. He added that gigabit speeds are "more of a marketing gimmick than a must-have" for many users, "with 30 to 40 megabits per second perfectly adequate for most households."

Other metros of the United States where AT&T will be launching the service include Kentucky (Louisville), Indiana (Indianapolis), Detroit (Michigan), Wisconsin (Milwaukee), Tennessee (Memphis), Nevada (Reno), North Carolina (Asheville) and Missouri (St. Louis).

You can find the full list of these areas via this link.

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