If you noticed your Twitter timeline completely out of chronological order, don't be alarmed. The social media giant is not going haywire.

Twitter confirmed to Vice's Motherboard that it's testing out-of-order timelines with select users, with a rep for the company calling it "an experiment" as part of its effort of "continuing to explore ways to surface the best content for people using Twitter."

Needless to say, users that have been surprised by their timelines being out of order, without warning up until this point, have been thoroughly confused.

Motherboard highlighted such tweets from users with one asking, "why is my timeline in mobile out of order?"

Another user said, "Mine goes from like now to five hours ago to 10 minutes ago to yesterday. It's weird."

One user didn't waste time, tweeting Twitter's support directly, wanting to know what's going on with the random selection and placement of his tweets on his timeline.

It remains to be seen what Twitter is aiming for with these out-of-whack, all-over-the-place timelines. But whatever the social media network is going for, this just marks another added wrinkle and changeup of features since the October appointment of new CEO Jack Dorsey, who has already ushered in Moments in addition to Favorite and Like buttons.

This random placement of tweets that are out of order prompts many questions. Say if you're watching President Obama give a speech or the Super Bowl and tweet in reaction. Will those tweets appear out of order? If so, would that affect what's trending in any way?

Although Twitter confirmed it's experimenting with these random timelines amongst select users, the company didn't specify to Motherboard how many users they're involving in this testing.

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