Though CD Projekt Red is best known for its three The Witcher video games, the latest of which released this year, but they've also got another pot on boil somewhere with Cyberpunk 2077, a sci-fi game that was announced back in 2013. If reports are to be believed, however, we might not have to wait too much longer.

Like their The Witcher games, Cyberpunk 2077 isn't some standalone product. It's based on the world of the pen-and-paper role-playing game series Cyberpunk 2020. They're also working directly with Mike Pondsmith, creator of Cyberpunk 2020, on the video game. Here's how 2077 was described back in 2013:

The game will be set in the near future in which advanced technologies have become both the salvation and the curse of humanity. A multi-thread, nonlinear story designed for mature players (a CD Projekt RED trademark) will give players a chance to freely roam the open-world and visit places well known from the pen-and-paper RPG "Cyberpunk 2020®", including a combat zone completely taken over by gangs, the legendary Afterlife joint and the nostalgic Forlorn Hope.

According to Gamereactor Germany, who credits an anonymous source, the company is looking at the end of 2016 to release their latest and greatest. This is worth taking with a grain of salt, mind you, as CD Projekt Red has previously said not to expect news about Cyberpunk 2077 until 2017. Then again, even the initial teaser trailer notes that it'll arrive "when it's ready" rather than any specific timeframe, so maybe something's changed.

Cyberpunk 2077 is specifically scheduled to release on PC, but a port to the likes of the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One probably isn't out of the question given the continued success of The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. Even if the report pans out as more than a rumor, it'll likely be months before there's confirmation.

Source: Gamereactor Germany via Destructoid

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