Tolkien fans, this is the one you've been waiting for. One last trip to Middle Earth awaits you this Christmas, when "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies" comes to theaters. Last weekend at Comic-Con 2014, attendees of the Warner Bros. panel got to see the first trailer from the film, and now the studio has posted it online for everyone to see.

The trailer provides a glimpse at the titular battle, along with the devastation of Smaug's attack on Lake-town, Bilbo fretting over his friends, Gandalf fighting alongside the Elven army, Bard engaging in heroics and plenty more, all while Pippin's sorrowful song from "Return of the King" plays in the background. The shots are fleeting, given that the trailer runs for less than two minutes, but they're awfully tantalizing.

The end of "The Hobbit" saga concentrates on the climactic battle between Dwarves, Elves, Men, Orcs and Wargs for the fate of the Lonely Mountain and, ultimately, all of Middle Earth. Having unleashed the mighty dragon Smaug upon Lake-town, its citizens run for their lives as fire destroys their homes. As Thorin hoards his reclaimed treasure, betraying everyone and everything to hold onto his mountain keep, the armies of Elves and Men lay siege to the treasure. Gandalf, meanwhile, warns them all of Sauron's forces closing in. Bilbo becomes the linchpin, the one person in Middle Earth capable of convincing all of the free peoples to rally together to fight against Sauron's deadly attack.

"The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies" comes to theaters December 17, 2014. Directed by Peter Jackson, the film stars Martin Freeman, Ian McKellan, Richard Armitage, Orlando Bloom, Benedict Cumberbatch, Luke Evans and Evangeline Lilly.

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