Amazon is now offering users the opportunity to get custom 3D printed objects made to order at a store specifically dedicated to such product requests.

As part of its 3D printing endeavor, Amazon is selling 3D printed bobbleheads, cuff links and other goods. The items are sold via a printed products store.

Two things are certain: Amazon has opened a profitable and game-changing can of worms with personalization and 3D printing has become a bona fide mainstream method of manufacturing. In fact, as Tech Times reported, Disney has also jumped on the product trend, using 3D printers to assemble soft toys for children.

Now, Amazon will focus its business of personalization of goods and services to the processes made possible through 3D printers. Bobbleheads and earrings are a couple of the new types of items being manufactured on demand from the e-commerce company, according to a report. Third-party sellers are in on the action, too.

The 3D printed products store opened Monday and already has more than 200 items for sale, including items from the third-party sellers using Amazon for distribution. Amazon is starting on the small scale, in terms of physical item sizes, that is. Most items retail for anywhere between $40 and $100, according to at least one report. These items include toys, jewelry, glasses and other useful or novelty items.

Amazon has gained a major advantage in the market by offering so many ways to sell and shop to virtually everyone, from individual shoppers to enterprise businesses who want a pay-as-you-go model to storage purchases. Individuals and businesses sell items, too, also using many personalization methods. For example, Create Space is an effort by Amazon aimed at authors, musicians, filmmakers and other creatives to make a business selling their work. The 3D printing scheme will add a new dimension to that network.

Amazon is not printing anything in its own facilities (yet). It is working with 3D printing specialists like Mixee Labs, Sculpteo, and 3DLT, according to another report. A competitor, eBay, recently launched its own 3D printing division, with an app called Exact. Exact was launched this July. Amazon reportedly has more product offerings.

Amazon wants to "immerse" customers in the shopping experience, which is why the strategy to provide customized and on-demand services and products remains a crucial strategy for the online retailer. Also, like Google and eBay (somewhat), it is exploring the benefits of an open existence with sellers and buyers.

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