With just over three weeks left in 2015, it's time to look back on the year that was.

Facebook is doing just that, having released its 2015 Year in Review to the masses Wednesday, listing the Top 10 most-talked about global topics within the past 12 months.

The list reads as the following:

  1. US Presidential Election
  2. November 13 Attacks in Paris
  3. Syrian Civil War & Refugee Crisis
  4. Nepal Earthquakes
  5. Greek Debt Crisis
  6. Marriage Equality
  7. Fight Against ISIS
  8. Charlie Hebdo Attack
  9. Baltimore Protests
  10. Charleston Shooting & Flag Debate

Facebook says its Year in Review Top 10 list was measured by how frequently a topic was mentioned throughout its posts amongst its millions of users, made between January 1 and December 1, 2015. 

"To put this list together, Facebook posts were analyzed in an aggregated, anonymized way, and then ranked to create a snapshot of the year on Facebook," the social media giant wrote in its newsroom blog to make the announcement Wednesday.

Accompanying the blog post is a video that Facebook made, documenting the most buzzworthy stories of the year.

Facebook says users can visit yearinreview.fb.com to check out other Top 10 lists, including those for movies, television shows, entertainers, athletes, places, new games, and even new sticker packs. 

Do you agree with Facebook's Top 10 news generators of the year? Did the social media juggernaut miss any items on its list?

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