The wearable device industry has made great strides this year. Smartwatches, in particular, are slowly making their presence felt in the mainstream market, helped by the various models by different manufacturers.

Smartwatches could be at the top of the holiday wish list for many consumers this year, and here are some of the best ones.

Apple Watch

Arguably the device that propelled smartwatches into the mainstream, the Apple Watch continues to draw interest in the market as it has outsold every Android-based smartwatch previously released, with no signs of slowing down for Apple's offering.

The Apple Watch is powered by the WatchOS, and using the smartwatch is fairly easy to learn. Its price tag is more expensive compared to several other options in the market, but that should be expected as Apple devices are always high-end.

Pebble Time Steel

Pebble's first iterations of its smartwatch had a gimmicky and colorful tone, but the Pebble Time Steel shows that the company has gone a long way since then. Manufactured with stainless steel and a colored e-paper display, the Pebble Time Steel is among the best-looking smartwatches currently available in the market.

Huawei Watch

Made by the same company that manufactured the Nexus 6P for Google, the Huawei Watch features a more traditional classic round face and a choice of metal or leather band, which may make the smartwatch look like a normal watch at times. It looks great and is comfortable to wear, while being powered by the latest version of Android Wear.

Moto 360 (2015)

Motorola upgraded the Moto 360 smartwatch to provide it with a better processor and improve its battery life. The smartwatch can be customized through Motorola's Moto Maker website, with options for the band, bezel and body of the device. It is also powered by the latest version of Android Wear.

Samsung Gear S2

Samsung's Gear S2 is the company's first attempt at a round-faced smartwatch, with a rotating bezel that helps in the navigation of the device. With a modern and minimalist design accompanied by several options for rubber straps, the Tizen-powered device is a definite option for smartwatch buyers.

LG Watch Urbane

While the LG Watch Urbane is a comparatively larger watch compared to the other options, it maintains a professional look with its circular face and stylish design. The Android Wear devices from LG are known to have the best smartwatch displays, and that on the LG Watch Urbane does not disappoint.

Fossil Q Founder

Luxury watchmaker Fossil jumps into the smartwatch industry with the Q Founder, an Android Wear-powered device that takes design elements from traditional watches. The round-faced device has swappable straps and watch faces to customize its look.

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