This week, the massively popular Fallout 4 received its first patch across all platforms. The patch fixes different glitches, bugs and technical issues in the game.

One fix to a certain glitch could be bad news for gamers that were exploiting it though.

The exploit in question allows players to receive unlimited bottle caps, which is the game's currency. The method involves gamers having to purchase ammo from a vendor. Through a series of steps, gamers could obtain all of the ammo and bottle caps of a vendor, which would allow gamers to buy out the rest of the vendor's inventory.

According to a thread on Reddit discussing the Fallout 4 Patch 1.2, with the update, the glitch has been fixed. Several gamers chimed in and confirmed that the infinite caps glitch is no longer working even after having tried it with different vendors in the game.

One Redditor said that the fix for the glitch infuriated him, not due to the fact that the glitch is no longer available, but because it was not mentioned by Bethesda in the notes of the patch.

Another Redditor mentioned that it was possible to keep the glitch by uninstalling the game and then reinstalling it, but choosing not to re-download the patch. However, one Redditor responded by saying that the performance improvements definitely outweigh the perks of being able to gain infinite bottle caps.

PC gamers of Fallout 4, however, are not fazed, as they can still use console commands to be able to collect as many bottle caps as they want.

The patch, in addition to fixing the infinite bottle caps glitch, added the new features of being able to use number pad keys for remapping and the Remapping Activate option to Quick Container, for the PC version of the game.

The patch also made general stability, memory and performance improvements, along with optimizations to skinned decal rendering. A variety of issues were also fixed, including players being stuck inside terminals, equipped weapons being locked after finishing Reunions, and crashes related to jumping into water and loading up saved games.

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