Yo creator launches Mirage, takes on Snapchat


After the viral success of the Yo notification app, Mobli wants to take advantage of the current hype by launching the latest app known as "Mirage." Mobli is a communication startup company based in Israel with Moshe Hogeg as the CEO.

Just like its older sibling, Mirage is a one-button messenger. On the whole, it exudes the features of currently popular apps such as TapTalk and Snapchat. The app allows a user to send photos and video messages to friends that self-destruct.

By simply tapping on a contact, a user can already start sending a picture. Likewise, pressing down a contact's name will instantly allow the user to send a video message. Furthermore, the user can add text content to his photos and video messages. 

What sets it apart from the other message sending apps is that with the Mirage, the user can send SMS to non-users of the app. This way, friends who are receiving the messages didn't have to feel pressured to download the app. What happens is that the person who hasn't downloaded Mirage will receive a link that can lead him to Mirage's official site where he can view the message. Once again, the message self-destructs in the website.

"Everything goes away from our server the second it disappears from your phone," says Moshe Hogeg.

Mirage also automatically adds the user's favorite contacts once the contact's details are linked to the user's mobile number. As per Hogeg, everyone from friends to teachers and doctors could be the potential market of Mirage.

Another notable feature of the Mirage is the so-called "split screen" which mirrors the ones found in TapTalk and Facebook. As the name implies, the feature enables the user to have a split screen wherein the top part acts like a camera while the bottom part displays the list of contacts. The camera function can either be in a front-facing mode that is great for selfies and outward facing mode.

When its sibling Yo was launched, it earned tremendous success in just a short period of time. Last month, the app has already achieved a record of more than 1 million users. Hogeg further says that "We've learned from Yo that the simpler you make it the better it gets."

Currently, there are at least 350 people that have already tested the new Mirage app since it was launched. Most of the sent messages were videos.

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