Marvel fans may wonder what it was like for superheroes like Iron Man and the Hulk to go to high school. Now, though, the speculation is over: new mobile game Marvel Avengers Academy hopes to delve into the formative years of some of Marvel's most popular superheroes.

Marvel recently released a new trailer that revealed which characters the game will follow. The video shows school picture day at the Avengers Academy, with some amusing scenarios that one could only expect from Marvel's vibrant cast.

Included in the trailer are Iron Man, Loki, Thor, Black Widow, Hulk and Captain America, all as high school students.

Marvel Avengers Academy, developed in a partnership with TinyCo, is an adventure simulation game that allows players to follow and lead the daily lives of Marvel's superheroes. However, this is high school, so that means that in addition to beating up bad guys, the Avengers have to deal with going on dates, confront the problem of high school cliques and managing healthy social lives.

"Marvel Avengers Academy is unlike any Avengers experience currently in the market and very different from the other Marvel-branded games on mobile devices," said TinyCo business operations boss Andrew N. Green to VentureBeat. "Most of Marvel's past and current mobile games have been focused on bringing a current vision of the Marvel universe and characters from comics and films to mobile as solid translations of what's expected of them."

Marvel also promises that this cast of characters isn't limited to just those shown in this new trailer.

"These characters and many more will be available to play and interact with through many unique adventures in Marvel Avengers Academy, each offering their own unique backstory to be unveiled through the gameplay," writes Marvel in a press release. "You'll encounter a deep roster of fan favorites like the fun and bubbly Wasp, the blue-collar slacker Hawkeye, mischievous Loki, former janitorial robot Ultron, and, of course, overseeing all of it is Nick Fury, Dean of Students."

Marvel Avengers Academy will also provide adventure to go along with all that teen angst, including missions that involve unveiling Nick Fury's secrets, as well as engaging in battles to defeat "dangerous enemies." Each character gets unique skills and outfits and gameplay lets users build areas within the academy, including training rooms, labs, dorms, stadiums and classrooms.

The free-to-play Marvel Avengers Academy releases in early 2016 for iOS and Android devices. The game will also feature in-app purchases.

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