Emma Tapping never thought that an Instagram post of her Christmas tree surrounded by overflowing presents in early December would become viral and cause people to go crazy, with Facebook shaming her "excessive" approach to the holiday season. Tapping has now been featured in the media and all because someone took her Instagram photo and shared it on Facebook without both consent and facts.

The shared photo immediately gained traction and people who only relied on the ill-informed originator began slamming Tapping for her excessive behavior, accused her of missing the point of the season and even went as far as calling her three children spoiled brats.

Tapping finally defended herself on both her Social Networking accounts. In her Instagram account, she posted another photo of the tree with a declaration for her love of Christmas, and clarifying that she was posting the photo for whoever stole her photo and sparked the outrage.

She also posted a status on Dec. 10 to set some facts straight and also reminded everyone that her original post is about her three children and their Christmas. "This picture was put on my Instagram along with pictures of homemade decorations I had made with the kids.... It was not done as a 'bragging parent'," she wrote.

Tapping runs a blog called the "Selfie Saver" which documents her attempts to save money throughout the year and also help her readers to do the same, so she probably has an idea on what would be considered excessive.

"Just done a little tally before next month's grand total of year savings. So far this year i have saved a whopping £7,177.29 (almost $10,100)!! Which has paid for our holiday, treats, birthdays etc. Am determined to beat it next year xxx," Tapping posted on Nov. 1, which only shows that she most probably did not deserve many of the harsh comments she received.

However, Tapping is staying strong and keeping her humor amidst the backlash. She even changed her Facebook profile photo to the Christmas Tree that started it all.

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