After helping track the steps and slumbers of Android and iOS users, Fitbit is rolling out full support for the Windows Phone OS.

While an app has been available to help Windows Phone users sync data from Fitbit accounts, the health accessory will now speak directly to Microsoft's mobile OS about the health metrics of wearers.

Fitbit's fitness trackers, wristbands and clips collect wearer health data that includes steps taken, calories burned, hours slept and even floors climbed. The wearable tech relays the data to smartphones via Bluetooth and syncs data to personal Fitbit accounts from there.

The inclusion of Windows Phone brings the wearable tech's direct support to more than 100 different mobile devices, according to a press release from Fitbit. Support for Windows Phone was important, due to the mobile platform's growth and the number of users who have been missing out on the full Fitbit experience, according to Fitbit Ceo and co-founder James Park.

"Windows Phone is projected to be the fastest-growing smartphone OS platform, so supporting this platform is important so that all of our users have access to their stats, no matter which phone they choose," stated Park. "With our new Fitbit app for Windows Phone 8.1, we expand our already extensive list of leading Android and iOS supported devices, to bring Fitbit's benefits to even more users."

The Windows Phone version of the Fitbit app, free in the Windows Phone store, has been constructed with Live Tiles, according to Fitbit. Windows Phone users will be able to track their Fitbit stats without launching the companion app.

Fitbit also stated that bringing direct sync to Windows Phone brings new opportunities for both retailers and developers, which could drive product sales and spur innovation on the software side.

Along with connecting more users, Fitbit has also been trying to attract more wearers to its wearables.

With some users complaining of the aesthetics of the wearable tech, Fitbit has consulted with fashion designers to make the fitness trackers better suit the personalities of wearers. Fitbit has worked with Tory Burch, a fashion designer in NYC, to roll out some new concepts for the wearable tech, some of which included a brass pendant and a brass bracelet.

"We've always said that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to fitness tech, and by fusing fashion with fitness we hope to give you yet another way to get active and stay in style at the same time," stated Fitbit.

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