iPhone 5s users spooked by BSOD (blue screen of death)


Apple's recently-launched successor of the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5s, has run into some rough weather as users are complaining of "Blue Screen of Death" (BSOD) issue plaguing the smartphone.

Several iPhone 5s owners have taken to Apple's support forum, Twitter and YouTube to report the BSOD issue with their phone, which resets the device when using the iWork suite of apps. The iPhone 5s reportedly freezes, show a Windows-like blank blue screen and then reboots.

"I just got the new Iphone 5s in slate grey 32GB and i have At&t. when using my phone going in and out of apps, my phones screen will suddenly turn solid blue for about 2 seconds then the apple logo will appear and it restarts my phone. anyone else having this issue? it seems to happen more when i am exiting apps back to the home screen," notes a user on the Apple support forum.

Some users have also posted videos on YouTube that show the problem occurring when users try to access the multi-tasking function when using an iWork app. Several users also report that the BSOD problem occurs when they quit one of the apps.

"This is happening to me when using facetime, safari, the camera and assortment of other apps. I tired restoring my phone and deleting every non apple app. My phone has started crashing every few hours and sometimes takes as long as 30 minutes to cycle between the blue screen and apple logo. Has anyone heard anything about a fix?," reports another user on the Apple support page.

The glitch has also been reported previously for the iPad and causes the iOS device's screen to just remain blue. A workaround for the BSOD is to disable iCloud syncing for iWork apps. Some users have also suggested that exiting from an iWork app to the iOS home screen may work before one switches to another app.

Apple is yet to comment on the issue. At this juncture, it is not known what exactly is causing the BSOD for the iPhone 5s. If it is a minor bug then Apple will likely push out an update to fix the issue in the near term.

You can check out a video which shows the iPhone 5s encountering the BSOD below.

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