Amazon has added a new button that allows people to purchase select comics and graphic novels directly from comiXology via Amazon.

This makes sense as the comiXology app is more user-friendly and has better features for reading comics than the native Kindle and its related apps. Amazon bought the online comic book retail site last year, and since then the company has rolled out features connecting the two sites.

Not every comic on Amazon has the new "Kindle & comiXology" option, but it's readily available for many best-selling titles like Walking Dead and SagaThis update got a mention on Twitter when a fan noticed it and Chip Mosher, comiXology's vice president of marketing, confirmed the addition to Amazon.

Since that tweet, Mosher has re-tweeted and replied to other users commenting on the seamless integration between the two sites.

Once users merge their comiXology and Amazon accounts, their books' list gets updated on comiXology:

"Once merged, we'll move over many (and possibly all) of your Kindle Comics purchases to your comiXology account," reads the official FAQ. "We are working toward having all your Kindle-purchased comics, graphic novel, and manga readable on comiXology. When new books are added, we'll shoot you an email. You can view books that come over from Kindle Comics in a new Smart List, 'From Kindle.' "

However, Amazon's acquisition hasn't pleased all comic book fans: when it acquired comiXology, Amazon removed in-app purchases from the iOS and Android app stores, shutting out both Apple and Google. Now, users must purchase comics directly from Amazon and comiXology.

"We have introduced a new comiXology iPhone and iPad Comics App and are retiring the old one," wrote comiXology on its blog. "iPhone and iPad users will now buy comics on and download to the app."

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