Do you experience Internet speeds far less than what your ISP advertises? Well, you're in the same boat as the vast majority of us.

The New York State Attorney General, however, wants the public (that's you!) to test your Internet speeds and report those findings.

The initiative is part of an investigation into Internet Service Providers and the speeds that they claim. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is aiming to determine whether or not the likes of Time Warner Cable and Verizon are providing lower speeds than what customers think they're paying for.

"New Yorkers should get the Internet speeds they pay for. Too many of us may be paying for one thing, and getting another," says Schneiderman in a statement from when the Investigation was first announced. "Families pay a huge cost already for Internet access in New York, so I will not tolerate a situation in which they aren't getting what they have been promised."

The investigation first started back in October and focuses on "interconnection agreements" between ISPs, allowing for data exchange. If you want to let the Attorney General know what your speeds are and you live in New York state, head to this website, which will test your Internet connection and log things like location, the name of your provider and your data speed.

The initiative has largely been praised by the public and consumer advocacy groups, who say that Internet speeds can vary significantly and that consumers don't always get what they pay for.

Via: Engadget

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