Brace yourself for a lot of talking in the next 12 days as Deadpool showers everyone with his presence as he counts down to the "Deadpool" movie trailer day, which will come out on Christmas Day.

The sassy red suit-wearing mercenary showers everyone with holiday cheer that began with a brand new poster last Monday. The succeeding days will also reveal new Deadpool treats through a different website.

While wearing his full Deadpool suit and with a glass of eggnog in hand, Ryan Reynolds made the announcement and explained the whole idea behind "The 12 Days of Deadpool."

The "Deadpool" movie marketing team collaborated with Entertainment Weekly, People Magazine, Deviant Art and Empire, among others, for its daily treat debut. The treat could be a new poster, just like the First Day of Deadpool, or it could be a featurette, behind-the-scenes image and more.

Check out the first day's slightly provocative Deadpool treat where he proves that he is "Cocked. Locked. Ready to Rock."

"Hi, I'm Deadpool, the other guy in a red suit with a lap worth sitting on," he begins the announcement and you already know you're in for a wild ride with Wade Wilson's alter-ego. You can watch the full announcement video below.

Saint Wade definitely puts the "win" in "winter wonderland" with this awesome announcement and we can hardly wait to find out what exclusive new treats he has in store for us in the coming days, especially on Day 10 where Reynold's face is paper-clipped on the schedule.

Reynolds reprises his role as Wade Wilson and Deadpool, the Special Forces Operative-turned-mercenary became virtually immortal because of a rogue experiment that gave him accelerated healing powers. Much like Wolverine from "X-Men."

If you want more exclusive content, Deadpool wants to be more exclusive with you too and wants you to sign up at Deadpool Core so he knows you care about him.

"Deadpool" will debut in his first solo movie hitting cinemas on Feb. 12, 2016.

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