Ryan Reynolds has been very silent lately after the huge failure that is Fantastic Four. Who can blame him since his Deadpool film is made by the same studio, 20th Century Fox?

Despite the silence, Reynolds seems very confident about Deadpool not being a pile of dung left by some wild animal of no name. However, he was quite unhappy for the cast of Fantastic Four, especially Michael B. Jordan.

Reynolds states that Jordan, being a new actor, needs to stay on the road of success for quite some time because one huge misstep could end his career. He says that Miles Teller will pull himself out of this mess pretty quickly, but the issue here is Michael B. Jordan.

We have to agree with Reynolds on this one because it is easier for Teller to bounce back in a big way, but not so much for Jordan since he is a black actor. Now, we're not playing the race card here, but there are more opportunities in the business for white actors when compared to blacks.

We can only hope that Creed, Michael B. Jordan's new film, turns out to be something worth watching because this guy is an actual talent.

As for Deadpool, Reynolds wants to the world to know that the movie is not a typical superhero film. He says that Deadpool isn't popular right now because it is Rated R or because it is funny, but because the character is similar to the many comic book fans out there.

While we do agree with Ryan Reynolds, we have to say that the funny and the Rated R restriction is also one of the reasons why fans are so excited. We haven't seen much comic book films with an R rating, so it means if Deadpool perform well at the box office, then fans might get more blood and gore comic book movies in the future.

At the end of the day, we wish Reynolds well with Deadpool and hope that the young actors from Fantastic Four can all come out of this without scars.

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