Star Wars fans are counting the days until the release of The Force Awakens, and what better way to wake up on Dec. 18 then by setting our alarms to play John Williams' iconic score so when we rise on Friday morning and start to head over to the theater?

And while we may or may not head to the theaters in (limited) cosplay, dressing as our favorite characters from the franchise, Spotify is helping its users find who their true Star Wars match is with a new feature that also provides the playlist said character would listen to.

Spotify launched a site that uses the force—which is really algorithms that look at the user's listening history and habits—to select a character they are most closely related to. Star Wars fans can either sign into their Spotify account or sign in as a guest to find out their match.

The streaming service then provides the character, along with the option to then stream the customized playlist best suited for that character and listener. The playlist features 50 songs, with a play time of just over three hours.

It appears as though Princess Leia is most aligned with dance pop music, the playlist revealing she would be a fan of Ellie Goulding, P!nk, La Roux, and Grimes, along with some classic singers like Paula Abdul, Whitney Houston and Cyndi Lauper. The playlist is nonstop dance music and female anthems, so it pretty much makes sense that Princess Leia would be the perfect fit.

Spotify will need some help finding the alignment for those who sign in as a guest, so the service asks the user to choose five artists to determine their Star Wars match.

If the user picks artists like Beyonce and Afrojack, and leans more heavily on the electric and hip hop side, their character match is BB-8. And just what type of artists would BB-8 listen to? Macklemore, Kayne West, Run-D.M.C., Drake, Adele, and MGMT all are featured on this playlist.

Listeners can find their own Star Wars match at Spotify's new site.

Source: Spotify Star Wars

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