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Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia Will Still Be In ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’

The 'Star Wars: Episode IX' cast sees some familiar faces and new ones as well. Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher are reprising their roles as Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, respectively, and Billy Dee Williams is returning as Lando Calrissian.

Movies/TV Shows July 28, 2018

Lucasfilm Debunks Rumors Of Digital Princess Leia In Future 'Star Wars' Films

There were rumors that Carrie Fisher, who passed away late last year, will be digitally recreated in future Star Wars films as Princess Leia. Lucasfilm, however, has now responded to debunk the reports.

Movies/TV Shows January 15, 2017

Carrie Fisher, Celebrated Actress And Star Wars Royalty, Dies At 60

Veteran actress and Star Wars royalty Carrie Fisher passed away in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Dec. 27. Fisher had been hospitalized last week after suffering a heart attack while on a flight from London to Los Angeles.

Celebrities December 28, 2016

Carrie Fisher Has An Advice Column And It’s From The Dark Side

If you’ve always thought of Leia Organa as a wellspring of wisdom, you’re going to have to check out Carrie Fisher’s advice column.

Geek June 12, 2016

Spotify Launches New 'Star Wars' Feature That Finds What Character And Playlist Best Matches Each Listener

Spotify launches a new micro-site that uses listeners' listening habits to determine who their 'Star Wars' character match is, as well as a playlist based on the results.

Apps/Software December 15, 2015

Alan Moore's Star Wars Episode II: 'Tilotny Throws A Shape'

More Alan Moore writing Star Wars! And this is where things get REALLY weird...

Movies/TV Shows November 12, 2015

Don't Call Her Princess: Leia Organa Has A New Title In 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'

In the 30 years that passed since we last saw Leia Organa, she has apparently been promoted to the rank of General in the Resistance. No more of this 'Princess' nonsense - except from one certain flub from someone apparently close to her.

Geek November 12, 2015

Alan Moore's Star Wars Episode I: The Pandora Effect

Wait, what? Alan Moore wrote a series of Star Wars stories? You'd better believe it...

Movies/TV Shows November 11, 2015

Disney Is Discontinuing All 'Slave Leia' Star Wars Merchandise

Slave Leia no more? Say it isn't so, Mickey. Reports online are saying exactly that: Disney wants to retire the Slave Leia costume from all merchandise.

Movies/TV Shows November 4, 2015

‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ To Add Han Solo, Princess Leia And Emperor Palpatine As Playable Characters

EA has announced that Han Solo, Princess Leia and Emperor Palpatine will be added as playable characters for 'Star Wars: Battlefront.' Each will be given specific abilities that will define their gameplay.

Video Games October 21, 2015

Star Wars Social Media Team Shows Mark Zuckerberg How On Point They Are With Facebook Reply

The Star Wars team channeled their inner Han Solo to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's founder and CEO, the best response to his declaration. The hype from their new trailer continues to rise.

Geek October 21, 2015

Star Wars: Shattered Empire #3 Links Original Trilogy To Prequel With Cool Leia Connection

Past and present begin to intertwine when Star Wars: Shattered Empire #3 shows a Force sensitive Leia connecting to events from the prequel. Luke isn't the only one in the family anymore to have the Force awaken in him.

Geek October 16, 2015

Star Wars: A Complete Chronology Of The New Canon

Lucasfilm's new canon for the Star Wars universe is a huge, sprawling collection of content. It includes not just movies and TV but novels, comics and games, too. Here's how all the pieces fit together.

Movies/TV Shows October 14, 2015

Review: Disney Infinity 3.0: 'Rise Against The Empire' Flips The Star Wars Script

It's round three of our 'Disney Infinity 3.0' reviews. After 'Twilight of the Republic' and 'Inside Out,' let's take another trip to Star Wars — and this time, it's about the original trilogy. Does the game measure up?

Geek October 6, 2015

Princess Leia's Original Gold Bikini Sold For A Ridiculous Amount Of Money

There's no denying that original movie props fetch a high price when they hit the market. There are also few costumes as iconic as Princess Leia's gold bikini - and its price tag is no joke.

Movies/TV Shows October 5, 2015

A Real Slave Leia Gold Bikini Is On The Auction Block

It's a piece of cinematic history. It's a moment in time, captured forever in the minds of geeky fanboys. It's Princess Leia's gold bikini, and if you have a spare $100k laying around, it could be yours.

Movies/TV Shows September 17, 2015

Everything You Need To Know About 'Disney Infinity 3.0'

The third entry in Disney's toys-to-life video game series, 'Disney Infinity 3.0,' arrives on Aug. 30 with 'Star Wars' included. Adults and kids alike are going be crazy about this one, and here's why.

Geek August 21, 2015

'Return of the Jedi' Speeder Bike Rocking Horse Is The Geekiest Baby Gift Ever

This easily ranks among the ten most impressive things ever built by a Star Wars fan. It's a rocking horse for a toddler in the shape of an incredibly authentic speeder bike.

Movies/TV Shows August 14, 2015

Carrie Fisher Responds To Parents Who Find Slave Princess Leia Action Figure Unsuitable For Children

A Hasbro figurine that features Princess Leia in her 'slave girl' outfit has some parents upset. In response, Carrie Fisher says the get-up made her angry, too.

Movies/TV Shows July 15, 2015

First Look At Carrie Fisher In New Princess Leia Costume

Carrie Fisher as Leia looks ready to kick some butt in the first unofficial glimpse at Leia Organa Solo's new fightin' duds.

Movies/TV Shows July 3, 2015

$1 'Women In Marvel' Comics Coming In September

Marvel is celebrating female superheroes with 'Women In Marvel,' a series of 10 comic reprints. They kick off in September and will cost you just $1 each.

Movies/TV Shows June 7, 2015

This Is What The Original Star Wars Trilogy Looks Like In 'Disney Infinity 3.0'

Disney Infinity gamers dying for a better look at how the original Star Wars trilogy is interpreted in the game are in for a treat. A slew of new screenshots that show off just how faithful it is.

Geek June 5, 2015

New Comic Book Day April 29, 2015: A Week Of Finales And Endings

This is one of the biggest comic book weeks of the year, so get ready for an abundance of stories. The biggest stuff comes from a number of endings and conclusions.

Movies/TV Shows April 28, 2015

Possible 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Trailer Description Leaks Online

The Original Trilogy cast is going to show up in the next trailer for 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens.' A detailed report about the trailer has been posted online. Here are the highlights.

Movies/TV Shows March 6, 2015

'Star Wars: Princess Leia #1' Preview: A Leader Ascends

'Star Wars' return to comics was an absolutely massive success for Marvel, and the publisher is hoping to keep the ball rolling with the first issue of 'Princess Leia,' due out this March.

Movies/TV Shows February 10, 2015

Listen To A Five-Year-Old Girl Discuss Princess Leia's Gold Bikini

Love it or hate it, Princess Leia's slave costume still leaves an impression on 'Star Wars' fans. But how do kids see that outfit? One five-year-old girl tells us in this cute video.

Geek December 22, 2014

Princess Leia Walks Around NYC, Catcall Video Parody Shows Dark Side of Star Wars Characters

Leader of the Rebel Alliance, Princess Leia, gets catcalled around New York for 10 hours in this Star Wars themed parody video of the viral PSA by iHollaback.

Internet Culture November 12, 2014

Marvel announces three 'Star Wars' comics at Comic-Con

With 'Star Wars' now in the hands of Disney, 'Star Wars' comics are coming back to Marvel starting in 2015, beginning with three new series picking up shortly after 'A New Hope.'

Movies/TV Shows July 28, 2014

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