Google Intends To Create An Alphabet Self-Driving Car Spin-Off Business


Google will construct a spin-off business for the driverless car technology the company has developed, a unit which will open in 2016.

According to Bloomberg, Google intends to create an Alphabet-run company dedicated to essentially competing with Uber, proffering cars that can chaffeur you from place to place without the hassle of hiring scores of drivers (according to SFGate, companies like Uber and Lyft experience a high employee turnover).

So far, Google's driverless cars have accrued over 1 million miles on roads located in or around Austin, Texas, and San Francisco. While Bloomberg's sources were unidentified due to the secrecy of Google/Alphabet's business plans, they did say that, initially, until self-driving cars become legal, the cars could be deployed to places like college campuses or corporate office parks — contained places that could drive business along swimmingly because, due to the confined or restricted nature of these locations, there would be high demand.

Another indicator of Google's plans? Google's research facility Google X swooped up John Krafcik, the former president of TrueCar Inc., an auto-shopping site, as the new Google X CEO for its cars project department. 

When asked about the development of a business that will most likely be a looming rival for companies like Lyft, Uber, and standard taxi services, Google spokeswoman Gina Scigliano refused to comment. 

Check out this video of one of Google's self-driving cars in action below. 


Via: Engadget

Photo: Travis Wise | Flickr  

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