Microsoft recently released a new update for its Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL flagship smartphones, but pulled it shortly after that.

The Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL are Microsoft's flagship handsets for 2015, arriving as high-end smartphones with the latest version of Windows on board out of the box. The handsets were supposed to get a new software update, but something went wrong.

It seems that the update had some sort of issues and Microsoft decided to take it down soon after it began to roll out, "unpublishing" it to address the problems and do some more polishing before pushing it out again.

Soon after the update launched, users either got annoying storage notifications, saw the update unable to load (some remaining at 0%), or had other issues related to software. Some users even had to perform a hard reset on their handsets so they'd work properly again.

In other words, installation issues proved that the update was not exactly ready for prime-time just yet, forcing Microsoft to reassess the situation and pull the update to fix the problems.

"We are aware of issues related to the recently published Windows 10 Mobile update, including: update not being offered, update appearing to get stuck at 0%, and pesky low storage notifications," Microsoft's Mike Mongeau wrote on the Microsoft Answers Forum a couple of days ago.

"The team is working on fixes and improvements to the upgrade experience in the short term and with future releases. In the meantime, we have unpublished the 10586.29 update for Windows 10 Mobile from our public update servers while we work through these reports."

Mongeau further adds that users who are still seeing "low storage" notifications should just ignore them.

It now seems that Microsoft managed to patch some things up in the meantime. As an update to the incident, Mongeau's post now says that the company started to republish the Windows 10 Mobile cumulative update, i.e. 10586.29. The update is currently being released in select markets, but should reach everyone within the next few days.

On the other hand, some users who got the update before it was pulled out complained of some other issues, such as poor battery life, overheating, and "dud iris scanner," but it remains unclear for now whether the re-issued update will fix them.

Aside from the necessary fixes to get rid of the installation issues, Mongeau said the update will come with the same contents. Once the update is ready for your device, Microsoft recommends plugging the phone into a charger and refrain from using it while it's updating.

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