You don't even have to be following the 2016 presidential race to know that Donald Trump has been the most controversial candidate of them all.

From proposing to ban all Muslims from entering the United States to suggesting Bill Gates help in "closing that Internet up in some way," you just don't know what the billionaire businessman is going to say next.

Through it all, Trump has kept consistent with his campaign theme of "Make America Great Again!" Having a little fun with that — OK, a lot of fun with that — Uproxx applied that theme to football, redesigning every NFL logo as Trump to make the league great again.

The sharp minds at Uproxx literally came up with a Trump-infused logo for all 32 NFL teams, broken down by division.

While they're all unique in their own way, a few logos really stood out to Tech Times.

There's Trump as a screaming predator for the Philadelphia Eagles logo, while their New York Giants NFC East division counterpart had its logo redesigned by Uproxx to say "Giant Ego," showing a grinning Trump underneath.

Tech Times also loved the way some of the logos mocked Trump's notorious hairstyle, with the Green Bay Packers almost incorporating his follicles flawlessly. The Seattle Seahawks pulled that off well, too.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers' depiction of Trump also seemed all too real. Trump as a Minnesota Viking and Arizona Cardinal are also pretty amusing to see.

Check out all 32 of the Trump-infused NFL logos here. Which one did Uproxx nail the best?

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