The Kobe Bryant And 'Star Wars' Connection: 'I'm Darth Vader'


The whole world has "Star Wars" on their minds and mouths. And while many are ready to Force-choke anyone who dares reveal any spoilers in the first week of "The Force Awakens," even some non-"Star Wars" celebrities are faced with questions about the new film.

The LA Lakers player revealed which character from the "Star Wars" movie franchise he most identified with. And while others may think he would choose the hero of the original saga, Luke Skywalker, or even the rebellious and cocky Han Solo, Bryant chose a darker path.

As posted by interviewer, Mark Medina, on Twitter, Bryant chose no less than Darth Vader as his "Star Wars" persona.

Putting aside the fact that both Darth and Emperor are titles and not the names of the characters Bryant was referring to, the choice actually makes a lot of sense.

Before he was Darth Vader, Anakin Skywalker was young and talented and was recruited to join the Jedi's by a wise Qui-Gon Jinn. Similarly, Bryant was recruited into the NBA at a young age. And just like Anakin began to turn against his own as the Dark Side seduced him, some observers have noted that it's similar to how Bryant also began to play "more selfishly" and even fought with Shaquille O'Neal.

According to reports, Bryant has to channel into his anger - a moving force in the Dark side - for his role in the documentary "Muse."

But lets not forget Bryant's addendum to his original answer - saying that he doesn't take orders from anyone. Although Vader is the more popular character, it's no question that when it comes to the ultimate evil, Emperor Palpatine is your man. Subtle manipulation and hasn't exactly been the way Bryant has gotten things done throughout his career. Bryant makes it clear that he's no second gun - he's the top man.

But perhaps, just like his original choice of Darth Vader, redemption may still be on the horizon for Bryant. The light side of the force made a triumphant return in Anakin's heart by the end of "Return Of The Jedi" so perhaps in his final season with the Lakers, Bryant too may have a change of heart and seek out the light instead? 

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